10 Best Weather Apps for iPhone and iPad

When we consider weather apps, we have number of apps with different speciality. We can choose one based of our needs. Apple also has built-in app to support weather report. To help choose from the available list we are here to discuss the special features of each weather app.
1.Dark sky ($3.99)
Dark sky iphone app

Dark sky weather app helps with up to the minute precipitation information. If we live in place where temperature and snowfall is common, this app is important. If also gives daily as well as extended forecast of our living place. We can add our place to the app and opt for weather report.
2. AccuWeather platinum($3.99)
AccuWeather platinum iphone app
AccuWeather platinum gives almost all weather report in a tiny package. The app gives temperature information and precipitation data and forecasting information for a month. We can customize the app to get exact information. Options for weather report viewed in push notifications can be enabled.
3. Storm shield($2.99)
Storm shield iphone app
Storm shield is a weather app, which gives daily and extended forecast. It helps us notice and get alert of the storms that comes bit earlier. Strom shield gives more accurate location to give perfect alert. It also goves map view. Hurricanes, tornadoes, damage thunderstorms are also identified by Strom shield.
4. Weather Line($2.99)weather Line iphone app
Weather line gives minute rain predictions especially when we are in US or UK. It gives long term weather averages that helps us when we are getting ready for a travel.
5. Weather underground(Free with IAP)
weather underground iphone app
Weather underground app gives more accurate weather information. It also includes interactive radar, satellite maps, severe weather alerts and notifications are also supported. Ozone zones and pollen alerts to be aware of allergic effects. It gathers information from more than 100,000 weather stations world wide.
6. CARROT weather($3.99)
CARROT weather iphone app
CARROT weather is a product of CARROT company. The app gives weather forecast for seven days. We have today view, current conditions, hourly breakdowns, Apple watch support and a snarky weather concierge.
7. Fresh air(Free with IAP)
Fresh air iphone app
Fresh air app gives weather information based on our calendars and location information. The app acts as the personal weather assistance in our hand. There is today view widget that lists future weather information.
8. Weathertron($1.99)
weathertron iphone app
Weathertron is a weather app, that has a beautiful design. The app is much like infographic app which shows temperature as well as live weather conditions. The app has a fluid natured UI which gives stimulated weather report.
9. Perfect weather($0.99)
Perfect weather iphone app
Perfect weather is a weather app which requires a payment for additional features. The special features of this app is, it loads fast, gives five days forecast, full satellite image, hour by hour temperature details fast.
10. Weather Live($2.99)
weather Live iphone app

Weather Live is a weather app, that shows current condition, precipitation, visibility, hourly upcoming forecast. The app has options to find hourly temperature for next three days. The app is designed with Apple watch support.

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