8 Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone

When we consider voice recording apps it not only acts as the default voice recorder.T here are many other feature available with these apps. Even sharing the recorded voice is also possible. Search for particular recording , sort and filter those recordings. These apps also allow us to increase and decrease the quality of recording. Many such voice Recorder apps for iPhone are available. We are going discuss some top apps among them.
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1. iRecorder Pro ($2.99)

  • Easy to use voice recorder app for iPhone.
  • Fast load time and high quality recording.
  • Transfer recording via WiF or iTunes.
  • Record when iPhone is in sleep mode.

2. iTalk recorder (free)
iTalk Recorder

  • Records all sounds around us using your iPhone.
  • Allows us to share files with the PC using WiFi.
  • We can adjust the quality of sound using this app
  • Likewise, the size of the file can be adjusted to share through USB or WIFI.
  • We can also stop recording whenever  needed.

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3. Voice Recorder HD ($1.99)
Voice Recorder HD

  • Another iPhone Recorder app that record even for hours.
  • Records audios with different quality.
  • Quality of audio can be made better.
  • We also can share files with Dropbox.
  • Audio files can be uploaded to iCloud account.

4. HT professional recorder ($14.99)
HT Professional Recorder

  • iPhone app to record & save conversations.
  • Best for college lectures, meetings and group conversations.
  • Speciality of the app is, it automatically removes the silent moments from the audio recorded.

5. ClearRecord premium ($1.99)
clear record premium

  • Clearrecord premium is a iPhone recorder app, that records audio in high quality.
  • We can record music and audio recordings.
  • The app has editing option to change the ambient noise reduction.
  • It also allow us to share the recordings.

6. Audio memos ($0.99)
Audio memes

  • App to record simple memos using iPhone and has features to alter them.
  • We can combine multiple recordings into one.
  • Insert a new recording in between an existing recording is possible
  • There are rerecording sections, add markers in the audio file.
  • We can share and transfer audio files through WIFI and email.
  • Quality of the recorded files can be adjusted.
  • We also have 15 more extensions that can be purchased from in app-purchase to provide several more features for recording.

7. Voice memos for iPad ($0.99)

  • The app records the voice as memos.
  • Recorded memos can synchronised with iCloud account.
  • We can share the recordings through email and MMS.
  • It has good interface.

8. QuickVoice pro ($2.99)
quick voice pro

  • Quickvoice pro is an app for iPhone that records voice memos.
  • We can email the recordings as ringtones.
  • The recorded memos are transferred in mail as text.
  • Maximum length of the transcriptional range is 30 seconds, if it exceeds it won’t.

If you knew any other good voice recorder apps for iPhone6, iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod, inform us via comment.

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