8 Best USB Hubs for Mac, iMac Computers

Every Mac user will look for over their desk for plugging their external hard disk, external drive, wireless mouse, pendrive or any other peripherals that can be connected through USB ports. We can even charge our iPhones through USB PORT. So we are always in need of a HUB to support all our needs. With the available HUBs in the market, we are going to discuss on some of the selected best  options. USB hubs comes in different shapes and sizes and there is also difference in the price.
1. Anker 7 port and 10 port powered USB3.0 Hubs($60-10 port$50-7 port)
Anker 7 port and 9 port powered USB 3.0 Hubs
Anker one of the leading manufacturer in external power battery, also manufacture powered USB 3.0 hubs. The 9 port Hub has a new small design that can be carried without disturbance in our laptop bag and it supports all devices that uses USB 2.0 also. It is also powered we can also use for any external hard disk. It gives best result only when used with USB 3.0  supported machines. Upgraded versions of this product still coming.
2. Belkin 2-in-1 USB 2.0 7-port hub ($110)
Belkin 2-in-1 USB 2.0 7-port hub
Belkin 2 in 1 is best because we get a product used in two ways at one cost.we get 2 USB hubs, a portable 4 port unpowered USB hub suitable for mouse, USB keys and wireless receivers. When it is docked on its powered base we get three more ports and a space to keep the paper clip or change or rest our device connected. The device is little slower with USB 3.0 version and can be holded in laptop bags as a whole or carry mini 4 port in a pocket.
3. Macally Mini USB 2.0 7 port hub($51.23 7-port, $19.99 4-port)
Macally Mini USB 2.0 7 port hub
Macally mini is available as 7 port hub and 4-port hub usually we can select based our requirement. They come in prism shaped simple affordable design. We can connect dongles, drives,receivers other devices with its multiport and smaller enough to be placed in any corner of the desk. It has some ports with gap to support large USB device to be placed without disturbing other ports. Both its model come with a power adapter and can be used either unpowered or powered mode depending on our need. It supports only USB 2.0 and has no extra lights but space saving Hub to help our needs.
4. Plugable 10 port powered USB 2.0 and 7-port USB 3.0 hubs($28.95 10-port USB 2.0$39.95 7-port USB 3.0, $29.95 super speed)
Plugable 10 port powered USB 2.0 and 7-port USB 3.0 hubs
Plugable 10 port powered USB 2.0 has docking stations, USB hubs,external graphics adapters and more. The plugable hub is portable and affordable, with two of its rear port out of four rear port, flip up to vertical position from rear of the hub to be used easily. We also have six ports front facing gives a slim look to hub. The hub is a simple black box, that is small enough to be carried and has a blue LED indicators to indicate power or active ports.
5. Monoprice USB hubs($24.75 aquagate 7-port USB 2.0, $36 circular 12-port, $46.66 circular 24-port USB 2.0)
Monoprice USB hubs
Monoprice USB hubs makes some of valid list of USB hubs that is popular among the users. Monoprice models are small enough to be carried with laptop bags especially powered models are small to be kept within pocket, without its associated cables. Aquagate is a powered model. With the many ports, we can connect more devices and also they are small to be carried.
6. HooToo-HT-UH010($36 9 port USB 3.0)
HooToo-HT-UH010HooToo HT -UH010 along with 7 upward facing ports, it also has two charge ports to charge smartphone and tablet. Each port has LED indicators and there is a 1 amp port to charge phones and 2.1A port for high power devices. Many hubs have side ports which occupies more space but this hub is well designed to place USB vertical to save space.
7. Anker AH231 ($60 9 port USB 3.0)
Anker AH231
Anker AH231 has 9 USB 3.0 data ports and a 2.1A charge port. We can also choose ten port USB 3.0 hub along with 2. A charge port model. The anker AH231 is similar in design to HooToo but has a white glossy plastic instead of soft black around the sides. The power brick, cords, working and weight of the product is same as the HooToo.
8. Sabrent HB-W4U3($29.99 4 ports USB 3.0)
Sabrent HB W4U3
Sabrent HB W4U3 is the most portable USB hub, that can be used with or without power card or brick. But when we use power card the file transfer is remarkably faster. The size is smaller than the deck of cards, that measures 2.6 inches long 2.4 inches wide 0.6 inches thick and weighs 1.8 ounces. We can connect a desktop hard drive, portable hard drive, flash drive, SD card at same time. It comes with 32 inch USB card, 40 inch power card and has 4 blue LED, one for each port and red LED for power indication. It is made with matte black plastic.

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