6 Best SSH Terminal/Client Apps for iPhone & iPad

Best terminal and client app for iPhone and iPad

SSH (Secure Shell) is a protocol that is used for logging into remote systems very easily. Are you searching for the best SSH Terminal/Client application for your iPhone/iPad? there is a number of SSH Terminal/Client apps available in the market but picking the correct one is the most difficult. But, this article will help you to choose the right one. Here I am going to tell you the 6 best SSH Terminal/Client applications for your iPhone/iPad. Following apps are only available on the app store of iOS devices.

1. iTerminal Pro

iTerminal pro
iTerminal Pro is a simple but effective  SSH Terminal app for iPhones and iPad. It is the pro version of iTerminal. It blocks displaying the ads on the screen while using this app. Connect to remote servers with a terminal via SSH. You can see the history of recent tasks. It supports Bluetooth Keyboard. You can add a nickname field for your servers. Connect to your server with username and password or private key authentication with this app. It offers you a simple interface.
iTerminal Pro supports iOS 8.0 or later versions. Use this app in multiple languages such as English, traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Using iTerminal Pro securely affix to your remote server on iPhone and iPad.
Price: $5.99 (at the time of writing this)

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2. Termius (ex Serverauditor)

Termius is the most popular and innovative SSh Terminal for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Through this app, you can manage your Linux machine, UNIX server farm, or Raspberry very easily. It also supports a Bluetooth keyboard. It offers you eight colored schemes. While working with this app, you can protect your data with a PIN Code and Touch ID.
Termius supports iOS 9.3 or later versions. This app is available in multiple languages such as English, Turkish, German, Greek, Malay, Korean, etc.
Price: Free

3. Simple SSH – SSH Commands, File Viewer, & Terminal

Simple SSH
Simple SSH is a powerful SSH Terminal app for your iPhone and iPad. It offers you a simple & intuitive user interface. You can easily browse files using this app. You can also export and view command results on the SSH server. Ctrl, Tab, Arrow Up/Down, Right & Left keys are available here. Through the Script library, you can more commands. It offers you the Primitive Terminal that lets you test your commands.
Simple SSH supports iOS 7.0 or later versions. This app is only available in the English Language.
Price: $1.99 (at the time of writing this)

4.WebSSH-SSH Clint


WebSSH is one of the best SSH Terminal apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.it offers you SSH, and SFTP, Local forward. You can use this app on your device in Landscape or Portrait Mode.
Currently this app available in 15 languages. Available here are Esc, Tab, Ctrl, /, Semi-Colum, Hyphen, Exclamation point, Verticle bar, Dollar sign. You can use a local terminal without any internet connection. It supports iOS 14 or later versions.
Price: Free

5. Secure CRT

Secure CRT
Secure CRT is a go-anywhere SSH Terminal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It offers you advanced session management that lets you generate folders to provide sessions. This app also allows you to import sessions from the desktop version of Secure CRT. It supports business applications on Linux, VMS, and UNIX from your iPhone/iPad. It depends on the open standard SSH protocol. With this app, you can use multiple sessions at a time.
You need iOS 8.0 or later versions to use this app on your device. It supports only the English language.
Price: $ 9.99 (at the time of writing this)

6. Shelly – SSH Client

Shelly SSH Client

Shelly – SSH Clint is an effective terminal application that is compatible with the iPad. it is the cheap and best terminal app. This is a reliable and fast SSH Client app. You can also control with easy gestures like swipe down to switch channels. Its 3D touch super connectivity help to connect directly with your iOS home screen. And also it's working with a custom iOS keyboard. This also has some special features like iCloud support, Terminal color theme, Host key verification, and management, etc.
If you want to use this app on your iPhone and iPad, you need iOS 5.1.1 or later versions.
Price: Free 

I hope guys this article will surely help to find the best SSH Terminal and Client app for your iPhone and iPad. If you know any other apps kindly share us via the comments section. Thank you keep supporting us.

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