6 Best Free Selfie Apps for iPhone – 2020

Are you a selfie crazier? Every moment is important so we can capture that moment using a selfie.  In this modern world, everyone likes to take selfie each and every moment. When they have attended a party, function or any shows, everyone takes a selfie. Then they put their photo on Social Media such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. We all have a camera app on our mobile. But they have not some options to enhance our beauty. There are many Selfie Apps are available in the App Store. They have some extra functionality that removes your Blemishes, adding color effect and skin foundation and etc. If you have any mark or acne on your face, you can use these apps to remove it.
After taking a selfie, you get beautiful Face. I will tell you some elegant and best Selfie Apps for your iPhone as well as your Android phone. I make sure that, you will get happy after using these Apps.
1.YouCam Perfect
YouCam perfect is the best Selfie App for you. It is most popular and wonderful App. It has a lot of color effects and you can use this when you will go to take photos and videos. This app detects multiple faces so everyone’s face gets more beautiful than before. Using this app you can add some filters, adjust your skin color, remove your pimples, remove the wrinkles, adjust your face shape and edit your photos ease.
It has many features and you can make a video with using various colors. And also you can enhance your skin beauty, remove acne with few touches. And it has added some additional features such as enlarge your eyes and slim beauty. Other features are adding frames, adding sticker and text, collage your photos and grid your photos. And you can add a timer and you can share with your friends and social media.youcam-img
2. Snapchat
Snapchat is a finest Sefiee App. It has also a lot of filters and color effects with real time. Comparing than other apps it a little bit of difference. It makes you feel good when you are taking photos and videos. You can create a funny selfie and also save this photos and videos into the Gallery and easily share with your friends and social media. This selfie app will enhance your beauty. Then you can add text, emojis, and stickers on your photos. This app is free and available on iTunes.snapchat-img
3. BeautyPlus
BeautyPlus is a perfect selfie app. Comparing than other which is the best app. You can take photos and video with various colors and filters. It has one additional feature Animcam that can be applied to your face and it look likes funny. Using this app, you can edit your photos like you can add some filters and color effects, remove acne, getting smooth skin, whiten teeth, color your lips and making blur photos and etc.
This app is more reliable and I ensure that after using this app you never delete this app from your phone. And it makes your every moment as good. And you get more and more enjoyment after using this app.beautyplus-img
4. Candy Camera
Candy Camera is an amazing selfie app that can provide more options to edit your photos and videos in real time. There are many filters are available in this app. You can easily use this option that just you can swipe the screen from left to right. And also you can apply these filters in real time while you are taking a photo. You can set stickers on your photos. And also adjust the frame size. And you can set the timer and also available the touch shoot that helps you to click anywhere on the screen for taking a photo. So you don’t need to click on the shutter button. And I think this app will definitely useful for taking selfies.candy-img
5. Retrica
Retrica is one of the lovable selfie apps for your needs.  This app has more than 100 filters and you can apply this filter on real time while you are taking a selfie. And you can collage your photos and makes into videos and shots. And also make a GIF with few clicks. Easily edit your photos using some editing options. It is simple to use. And also you can share the photos with your friends and social media.retrica-img
6. Selfie Camera
Best Me Selfie Camera is the best selfie editing app for the one who wants to take a good selfie.  This app is customizable one. It has some best filters and you can apply this while taking a selfie in real time. Many features are available in this app such as Filter grid Real-Time, Halo Real-Time Filter, Mirror Real-time Filter, Emoji, Stickers, grid, and some prank and giddy stickers.  Your look will perfect after the taking selfie using this app. Then you can share with your friends and social media ease.selfie-cam

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