Best SD Card Reader for iPhone: SD Card Reader Apps

As you all know, many of the users are using the SD cards for their storage purpose. Basically, iPhone internal storage is not sufficient for users. For that users are using the SD card readers to storing the data, transfer media photos and videos from the camera to mobile phone. iPhone SD card readers are the better and foremost solution for the photographers to transfer the images between the camera and iPhone. These SD card readers are already in the market which is coming with memory card slot and a Lighting connector. Here I gonna share you the best iPhone SD card readers for iPhone.
1.RAVPower Lightning to SD Card Reader($49.99)ravpower-card-reader
RAVPower Lightning to SD Card Reader comes with the internal storage space with the capacity of 64GB memory and additional 128GB memory card support. This Lightning SD card reader is only suitable for iPhone/iPad and SD cards. It helps to share the files directly to social media and also it helps to transfer the files with more than 4GB in size. It is lengthened lightning connector makes it very easy to insert when using a bulky iPhone/iPad. USB 3.0 will offers a transfer speed of 300% for PCs.
2.YiKaiEn iReader($14.99)yikaien-card-reader
YiKaiEn iReader provides the professional security by giving password unlocking and fingerprint unlocking features. This SD card reader allows you to transfer data from SLR Camera and Trail Camera. It has a storage capacity of 8GB – 128GB memory card. This SD card reader is only compatible with iPhone/iPad products and Mac products. It has a compact design, portable to bring and very easy to use.
3.IMEEK SD TF Card Reader($9.99)imeek-card-reader
IMEEK SD TF Card Reader comes with three interfaces a Lightning connector for iPhones, Micro USB for Android, USB connector for Windows/Macs. This iPhone SD Card reader helps to data transfer to be managed directly and lets playback videos and music. IMEEK iPhone SD Card recorder has an ability to read at the speed of 20-27M/S for writing. You can able to transfer images from your camera by inserting the micro SD card reader directly to the reader. While traveling you can able to send the photos that you took a camera through card reader from the SD card.
4.Transcend Smart Reader($24.99)transcend-card-reader
Transcend Smart Reader app is specially designed to work with RDA2 for iPhone and iPad. It generally helps to expand the storage capacity with microSD card or external SD card. Photo viewer, video player, music player, and document pre-viewer are all in the same app. It helps to manage the file between the Apple devices and RDA2 in an efficient manner. You can able to save the audio recordings directly to the SD Card.
iExpand is an operated software of microSD card reader, which is specially made for lightning connector. It is used to transfer photos and videos between iPhone, iPad, PCs and Mac computers. It quickly frees up the memory space on the iPhone and iPad. It works as a lightning connector and auto-sync the photos and videos from the camera roll when it gets connected. It can play the popular format videos like (.MP4 and .MOV as supported in iOS).
Hope this article is helpful to you. If you have any doubt regarding this article kindly ask with me via the comments.

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