4 Best Science Apps for iPhone and iPad

Basically, people used to like to know about science. It is very important to know about the science. In past days, people used to go to libraries and search the books regarding science. But, it was totally a waste of time. So, people used to search for innovative apps to know about the science without wasting their time. We have more science related apps that improve your knowledge of science.  Here, I give you 5 best science apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. SkyView Lite (Free)best science apps for - iphone

SkyView Lite is a more stargazing to everyone! Point your iPhone or iPad device at the sky to identify galaxies, stars, constellations, and satellites passing overhead at your location. This app may use your location even it isn’t open. It also helps to capture and share beautiful images with friends and family on social networks. It can also be used to see the exact locations of sun and moon in the sky at any time and date.
It requires iOS 10.0 or later versions and it is compatible with iPhone and iPad touch. It supports only the English language.

2. NASA (Free)best free science apps for - iphoneNASA is used to discover the latest images, mission information, news, videos, feature stories, NASA TV, and tweets. We can able to watch the NASA TV as live and also read all the latest news and feature stories. We can able to view all the upcoming sighting opportunities and get the notifications before they happen. We can save the images and easily share everything with your friends on social media.

It requires iOS 9.3 or later version and it is compatible with iPhone and iPad touch. It supports the English language.

3. 3D Brain (Free)best new science app for - iPhone
3D Brain is used to discovering how every brain region functions, and what are the things happen when it gets injured, and how it gets involved in the mental illness. Use your mobile device to zoom and rotate around 29 interactive structures. Each structure comes with information on brain damage, functions, disorders, and links to modern research.

It requires iOS 6.0 or later version and it is compatible with iPhone and iPad. It supports only two languages such as English and Japanese.

4. Moon (Free)new best science app for - iPhone
Moon is a perfect application to know complete details about the moon. This Moon application will constantly update the set of information about the moon for your current locations. This application also allows the user to search informations about the moon whenever we need. It gives us notifications about the full and new moon day. Internet connection is not must for this application.

It requires iOS 7.0 or later version and it is compatible with iPhone and iPad. It only supports the English language.

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