17 Best Ringtone apps for iPhone

Every iPhone has the same ringtone “ding ding”. It may be nice while your phone is new, but it gets bored after hearing that for years. We have listed some ringtone apps for iPhone which makes you feel unique from others. Though these apps are for free you have to connect it to your iTunes to use it. Below we have listed some apps for your iPhone.
Note: These apps may contain ads as it is for free and create difficulty to use interface.
1.Keepvid music
Keepvid app is a perfect music downloader for iOS and Android phones.

  1.  Downloads music and videos from different sites and also from its own resources.
  2. Records mp3 music.
  3. Shares iTunes playlist and can use iTunes in Android.
  4. You can copy music to CD easily.
  5. Converts files from m4p to mp3 format.
  6. Delete duplicate songs and removes missing tracks.
  7. Easy to backup files.
  8. Fixes covers and id 3 tags.

2.Comedy Ringtones (Free)
Comedy ringtones
Comedy ringtones is a funny ringtone app for iPhone.

  1. It has free and LOL sounds with 14 themes.
  2. It has high-quality tunes with notification and alert tones.
  3. The tones are modified by best comedians, RJ’s and Dj’s.
  4. The size of this app 101 MB.Accepts the English language.

3.Zedge (Free)
Zedge is another iPhone ringtone app.

  1. Unlimited ringtones.
  2. Modifies your own tunes.
  3. It also contains HQ wallpapers, app icons, alert tones etc.,
  4. You can download from either app store or Google play store.
  5. Can share ringtones on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.,
  6. Size 52.9 MB.

4.Mobile9 deco (Free)

  1. High-quality ringtones with more than 40 million users.
  2. You can also download Phone themes, wallpapers, games etc., for iPhone and iPad.
  3. Supports native language.
  4. New downloads available every day.
  5. Videos can be viewed in this app.

5.Ringtone Maker (Free)
Ringtone maker is the best ringtone app for iPhone.

  1. Various collection of ringtones and alert tones.
  2. You can create ringtones easily with this app.
  3. The ringtone is saved as a music file.
  4. You can record and make it as a ringtone.

6.Top funny Ringtones (Free)
This app contains free funny ringtones.

  1. It helps to set default ringtones for every contact.
  2. Creates ringtones, alert tones, and notifications.

7.Scary Ringtones (Free)
This app helps you to set scary ringtones and create prank voices to make your friends get afraid.

  1. Contains creepy voices and horror sounds.
  2. This tunes can be set for alert tones.
  3. Can be set as default ringtone.

8.Best Ringtone maker and ringtones (Free)

  1. It contains variety ringtones and alert tones.
  2. Creates ringtone from user’s favorite music list.

9.Ringtones for iPhone FREE! 
Ringtones for iPhone FREE is one of the best apps for iPhone ringtones and alert tones.

  1. Converts music, and helps to record music with the mic.
  2. Extensive library to create ringtones.
  3. Free download.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Fade in and out option is available.
  6. You can adjust pitch and sound.
  7. Size 109 MB.
  8. Accepts several languages.

10.Text tones-500 special sounds for Text Messages (Free)

  1. It contains more than 500 ringtones and alert tones.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. It has classical sounds, movie themes, star wars, Lord of the rings, Transformers, Futurama, Tupac and much more ringtones.
  4. You can play and download the ringtones from this app.

11.Ringtones (Free)

  1. Edited by Limit Point Software.
  2. Huge variety of interesting tunes.
  3. Media library helps to create ringtones.
  4. Very less storage capacity.
  5. Supports for any iOS devices.
  6. This app interest someone who is in search of new things.
  7. Use iPhone music library for creating ringtones, text tones, and alert tones.
  8. Sleek Interface is used to adjust the length of the ringtone.
  9. Connect to iTunes to set the ringtone.
  10. Quick and easy.

Note: m4p files are not supported. UnlimTones
12.Ringtone Converter (Free)
Ringtone convertor

  1. It is known for its easy and fast services.
  2. Share and transfer ringtones to the e-mail.
  3. Auto play option makes quick ringtones.
  4. Edit ringtones as user choice.

13.Ringtone Designer (Free)
Ringtone designer

  1. Create free ringtones, text tones, alert tones etc.,
  2. On the first download, you can get free text tone package from TextRocker.com.
  3. The interface helps to adjust the length of your ringtone.

Note: This update is only for iOS 6 and iPhone 5.
14.Free text tones (Free)
Free text tones
This app is free of cost.

  1. You can download as many tones for free.
  2. Share with your friends and family.
  3. Size 25.7 MB.
  4. Both iPhone and iPad users can use this app.
  5. You can download jingles and other tunes.

15.Ringtone DJ (Free)
Ringtone DJAdds unlimited tones in your iTunes music library.

  1. Modifies your voicemail, email, SMS and other alert tones.
  2. Adjust starting and ending time.
  3. You can share the tones to your computer.
  4. Different Dj sound effects are available in App stores.
  5. Works on any iOS devices.
  6. Many packages contain selected melodies.
  7. Various tones.

16.Ringtone Store (Free)
Ringtone store is one of the best apps for ringtones. which gives amazing and better quality than other applications.

  1. High-quality ringtones.
  2. You can save Ringtones in your ringtone list in names that you wish.
  3. Rename the names.
  4. The m4r format is available.
  5. Easy and fast.Instruction is given.
  6. Sharing is applicable.

17.Gun and Explosion Ringtones

Guns and Explosion ringtone is one of the fastest downloading ringtones. This ringtone helps to create alert tones and text tones to feel like explosive and shooting sounds.   Here are some of the apps that give high-quality ringtones and more features.

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