6 Best Pokemon Go Alternatives game for iPhone/iPad

Everyone likes to play the games on phone, especially “Pokemon Go” and it is a very popular game around the world. In the modern world, players are expecting more fun and enjoyable game like Pokemon Go. Here, I gonna tell you about some games like” Pokemon Go”. I’m damn sure this article will give you to choose the best alternative game for iPhone/iPad.

1. Cats Go

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cat go game

With this Cats Go games, you will be fun playing with Cats Go and you will find the kitties in the Buildings, Streets, and City. You will get a chance to analyze around you to capture the cats. You can catch a cat at different locations.
You can capture the furry pocket cats by using a yarn ball. Then you have to get many coins and lures along the way. You can be picked the many kittens. Cats Go will make you fun and enjoyable.

2. Beastie Bay

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Beastie Bay is an alternative to Pokemon Go.  It will push you to the wall and bring the best. You will play with a savage animal on the islands. And you will have definitely a hard-to-win. You must use your knowledge to change the islands.
Beastie Bay about captures any living being.  You can trade them with your friends and also train them to quarrel with you.

3. Ingress

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This Ingress game is also an alternative to Pokemon Go. Some mysterious power has been unleashed to control the people’s thinking. Hence you can save this world from this power. You will prove your braveness.  If you are a  fan of Pokemon Go, you will definitely like Ingress.

4. Neko Atsume

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Neko Atsume game is also an alternative to Pokemon Go. You can catch the cats with food. There are 40 varieties of cats like white, black, calico, and tabby.
You don’t need to use your brain for this game. You will be enjoying yourself with the champion kitty collector. This is really nice to play and everyone should like this game.

5. Clandestine

Price: $3.99


The Clandestine game is an alternative to Pokemon Go. An alien vessel will destroy your neighborhood and your friends. So you have to show your guts in this game. It will definitely fun for you and you will be enjoying it a lot and you can use some powerful strategies.
You will give some money to own this game. From start to finish you will like this game.

6. Dragons: Rise of Berk

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Dragons: Rise of berk Game is an alternative game to Pokemon Go. This app is available on both iPhones/iPad. In this game, you will get a chance to see 600 favorite DreamWorks dragon-like movies and web series like Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang, and Skullcrusher.  And you can collect more than 75 special dragon spices like deadly nadders, Typhoomerangs. If you like Pokemon Go, you will definitely like a Dragon: Rise of berk Game. You have some 60 different islands throughout the Viking territory. There is one more interesting thing is stunning visual/ audio effects and 3D animation are there in the game.

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