5 Best Photo Vault Apps for iPhone and iPad 2020

Do you wanna hide your private photos on your iPhone…? If yes, then this is the right place to protect your photos. Listed below are the best Photo Vault Apps which gives an assurance that your hidden photos are safe from snoopy eyes. Therefore, you need not worry about your private photos which are safe and secure. Come let’s check out the best Vault Apps…!

Photo Safe Vault

photo safe vault
Photo Safe Vault is one of the best apps to hide your photos and videos. This app keeps your personal images and videos safe and locks them in a secure place. As this app provides privacy protection, you can easily hide and encrypt your photos from others eye. The private web browser with touch ID feature lets you hide all your private photos, videos, contacts, notes and more.This app comes with the exciting features like unlimited storage, password, and Touch ID protection, fake ID Protection, folder wise photo storing, import files from Google Drive/Dropbox etc..,

Private Photo Vault

private photo vault
Private Photo Vault is the best photo safe vault app that keeps all of your private pictures and videos safe and secure with a password. Using this app you can protect your entire app as well as your individual albums. This app gives you an assurance that your photos saved in this private photo vault app are 100% private because your photos are only stored on your device and not uploaded to the servers. Hiding your private photos and videos is easy with this app. Private Photo Vault comes with the features of functionality, add and delete photos control, syncing through iTunes, Import/ Export etc…,


KeepSafe is an exciting app which secures your personal photos and videos with the help of PIN Protection, fingerprint touch ID, and Military grade encryption. It is user-friendly in nature and it the very fast hidden storage app for your iPhone.It is the best app for the users who wanna hide some photos from their hard drive. Once you have imported photos, you can choose to delete them in photo gallery and view in the KeepSafe App. With this app, you can assign individual PIN Codes to access your particular albums. The Space Server in this app compresses our photos and saves originals to the cloud.


KYMS is the best app which allows you to hide and encrypt multimedia files, documents, passwords and more with the Military grade Security. It is the only app that decrypts files in real time without even waiting. The main attractive feature of this app is that you can take pictures directly from the app and they will remain locked and hidden until you wanna see. The unlimited storage in this app lets you hide your pictures and videos unlimitedly without wasting your device memory. This app looks like a working and stylish calculator app
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my photo safe pro
My Photo Safe Pro is the best app which secures your photos and videos from snoopy eyes. With this app, you can easily manage your private contents with a password protection and even you can take photos using the camera within the app. This app supports dual passwords to access both real and fake modes. The simple and intuitive interface in this app makes navigation a child’s play. With this app, you can add bulk pictures through FTP Client which is very fast and easy to operate.
With the above apps, you can hide your private photos and videos on your iPhone in a safe and secure way. This app is essential for the users who wanna protect their financial and personal privacy.If you find this article as useful then kindly share your experience with me through your comments below. Thank You…

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