7 Best Payroll Management Apps for iPhone & iPad

The payroll management system has great importance in businessman life. Because it is a very crucial thing for…

The payroll management system has great importance in businessman life. Because it is a very crucial thing for both big companies and for small enterprises. So it plays a vital role all time.

Everything today comes under the control of technology, so payroll management also cannot escape from the technology. We have different technologies and tools to manage this system and its process. Now you can have this payroll management app handy within your own iPhone and iPad.

Guys today in this article, I have listed the best payroll processing apps that can go handy for your payroll management without getting more work.  Let's see, what it is…

Here, you can see the Best iPhone Payroll Management Apps for iPhone and iPod :

1.Run (free)

Run App for payroll management

  • This runs apps only available on iPhone.
  • Are you a small businessman or owner??? Then it is the right choice. Even payroll administrators can use this app.
  • It is a very efficient, intuitive payroll app for businessman.
  • You can pay your employees periodically with the help of predefined pay rates.
  • This Run apps calculate state, federal, and local taxes.
  • It also provides employees details like contact info, photo, and payroll information.
  • It also allows you to view information about employee reports and company payroll information.
  • You can distribute pay to different employees who perform more than one job.
  • You can also calculate employee's earnings and deductions.

2. myPay Solutions (free)

myPay Solutions for iPhone payroll management

  • This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.
  • Using this app you can perform a variety of operations in real-time.
  • You can enter time for the current pay period.
  • You can also view historical time entered prior pay periods.
  • It fits both small enterprises and big companies to manage the payroll on your device.
  • It helps to view and update information directly from your iPhone.
  • It is very useful when you need more than a payroll system.

3. hh2 Remote Payroll ($1.99)

hh2 Remote apps for Payroll management

  • This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.
  • It is simple to make your payroll-related tasks on iPhone/iPad.
  • It provides you the option of tracking your employee by batch attendance option.
  • It also enables you to copy time from one of the employees to another, which enables you to fill the time instantly.
  • You can also make pre-fill time from the previous week.
  • You can even enter time while Offline and Sync up Later.

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4. PayrollHero Team Clock (free)

payroll hero apps for iphone

  • This apps is available on both iPhones and iPad.
  • Your employee can engage with this app to clock in and out for their shifts and about breaks too.
  • It has the analytics platform to a transparent display i.e you can compare about how much employee compares to their colleagues using leader boards, weather, and commute distance data.
  • It can optimize work productivity with its performance.
  • You can track your employee’s activity even a single day by using this app.
  • It can even notify you about the employee's absence and presence.

5. Pay Check HD ($0.99)

Pay Check HD iPad App

  • It is designed for both iPhone and iPad users.
  • Pay Check HD is suited for the small businessman.
  • It allows you to calculate your salary on both a monthly and hourly basis.
  • It has social security and medicare taxes as per the 2014 calendar.
  • It will update automatically even if there are changes in taxes.
  • This app functions based on US federal Withholding.


6. Payrollguru ($4.99)

  • It is designed for both iPhone and iPad.
  • It allows you to calculate payments and store the details about the payments.
  • It also enables you to save the entered profile for each profile.
  • When you enter all the information and you can also include year-to-date gross.
  • You can view the calculated view checks as a pie chart.
  • An employee can use this Payroll Guru app to compare net paycheck amounts in different states.
  • It also allows you to compare the effects of changes in the number of claimed allowances.

7. Penelope Payroll (free)

Penelope Payroll iPhone App

  • This app is available on both iPhones and iPad.
  • It has a “news” section that can be directly updated.
  • It is very helpful and handy when you need it.
  • It is ready to provide professional advice and guidance about business.
  • Additionally, it gives you more information that can improve your business.
  • It will fit those who wish to gain more expertise in payroll management.

Guys, this is the best payroll management apps for iPhone and iPad to businessmen. And if you know any other apps to payroll for iPhone. Then tell me in the comment box. Thank you…

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