The 25 Best meme generator apps for iOS & Android

List of best Meme generator apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Best Meme generator apps for iOS ( iPhone & iPad)mem-img

Meme Factory (free) – Best app to view other users meme and create a new one for you. Its provide a lot of templates. It allows you to add text, changing text position and size. its also has a rating system.
Imgur MemeGen (free) – Imgur is a most famous image hosting service. Its also offer 135,000 templates to create a meme.
Meme Maker ($0.99) – It allows you to use photos stored on your iPhone.
Memetic (free)- Put funny captions to pictures or your own photos and create demotivational posters. Create animal styles memes like Bachelor Frog or Philosoraptor.
Meme Design (free) – Best entertainment app. Its have 260 meme templates.
PicMeme (free) –  Another meme generator app for the iOS device.
Memefier (free) (Currently Not Available) – Its automatically detect human faces and add funny memes.
Meme creator ($0.99) – create memes using 390 templates and export photos from iOS photo library or email.
Meme generator (Memecrunch) free (Currently Not Available)- Easy to use an app. Create, save or share memes.
Mememize ($0.99) – It allows you to keep editing. Rotate, move, zoom or flip memes.
Meme+ Pro (free) – Its also offer meme sounds.
EasyMeme ($1.99) (Currently Not Available) – 400 different meme templates.
Trollolol (free) – Add meme on your face. Adjust position, angle, and size.
Meme Studio (free) – change meme font size, position, and color
Rage Maker (free) (Currently Not Available)- 500 Free meme faces and advanced meme creator tools.
iFunny (free) – All in one meme app. You can create demotivational posters, Memes, and Range comics.
Best Meme generator apps for Android
Memedroid (In-app purchases) – It allows you to view or make memes. You can comment or rate other users memes.
Best Meme Generator by Memeful (free) – lightweight and fast app to create the meme in Android devices.
Free Meme generator – Another simple app to make memes.
Meme (9 GAG) –  Best android app to create meme, GIF, Vine videos. Create funny pictures.
Also check the other Android Meme apps like GATM meme generatorMeme CreatorMeme Generator (ZombieDroid) and Meme Generator (Humor y Memes).

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