Best Mail App for iPhone and iPad

When an iPhone user is fed up with the default mail app and wish to have something that satisfies all they want we have some list of third party email app. Many app allows us to use multiple accounts.
1.Cloudmagic (Free in App store)CloudMagic iPhone appUsing Cloudmagic we translate email magic to Mac. Mac App Store contains Cloudmagic for mac. Cloudmagic is simple, powerful and fast email app for iPhone and iPad. It supports for all email clients, including gmail, and Yahoo mail. We can check path between  emails on your iPhone and iPad. This app connects to productivity app like TodoList, everNote, oneNote through its smart cards. We can add and retrieve files from cloud storage apps and also integrate the app with iWatch. This app is suitable for those who send more attachments with their emails and expect secure product to integrate.
2. Outlook (Free in App store)Outlook iPhone appOutlook is the desktop app which  is the first name given for enterprise email. For the business people outlook has become one of the goal. It brought reliability  and safety. Outlook is available in App store. The product of Microsoft also works for gmail, yahoo mail, IMAP and also for iCloud accounts along with Microsoft’s outlook email. The app also integrates with cloud storage services like Dropbox and OneDrive. We can open and edit word or excel attachments and send. This app is useful for e-mailers who are highly productive.
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3. Spark (Free in App store)Spark iPhone app Spark is a mail app for iPhone and iPad which is not a Spark, it is a derivative of Sparrow. It is a new kind of minimal email client. The app can easily detect our mail whether it is a newsletter or personal. We can use quick reply to answer back mails and the personal mails are prioritize on the top to clear the inbox fast. The app helps us to secure or delete the mail based on its importance and keep inbox ready for new mails. The app also can connect to cloud storage. It has customizable interface which can be widgets, cards or notification swipe.
4. Airmail ($4.99 in App store)airmail1 iphone appAirmail is a good looking email client which is modern and has many personalized features that makes it special out of email app for iPhone and iPad. We have options to manage our inbox well and  buttons in the screen bottom allows us to open mails. We can also customize the default interface according to our choice. Airmail can connect to some 30 apps and services along with cloud storage apps. We can set limits for downloading attachment and even for the number of messages it requires.
5. Dispatch ($6.99 in App store)Dispatch iPhone appDispatch is an app for email usage in iPhone and iPad which can hold frequently used sentence or words as “snippets” that can be used on reply. The app can integrate with many other apps like Google maps and skype that can used when there is a need. It is compatible with iWatch allowing us to check mail in our wrist. This app is considered good for those who are on workflow. The app can connect to many apps that can bind with our documents acting like a hub. The app helps in updating emails up to date.
6. Timyo (Free)Timyo iPhone appTimyo is a free email app for iPhone and iPad that changes all the mails received into to-do actions, events sync with calendar too. We can have reminders to reply or take action of the email based on our date scheduled. We can also prioritize the calendar of sending email to intimate when we expect reply. With the help of Timyo calendar option we can reply mails automatically as scheduled.
7. eMail Widget (free)  (CurrentlyNotAvailable)eMail Widget iPhone appOne among the mail app for iPhone and iPad is eMail widget is for those wish to maintain their inbox clear. We can add up to three accounts with this app. We have notification for new email received. We can use all the options without remote lock.  Archive, star, mark as read, send to spam, or delete email are some of the options that can be used on single tap and swipe. The extraordinary feature is that we can clear the inbox without even opening the app.

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