5 Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad 2023

For many iPhone users, the Keyboard that comes up with their device will be unacceptable. However, it is not the only option for you. Nowadays, you can get a wide variety of Keyboard Apps which is offering awesome features. Here, I gonna share you some of the best Keyboard Apps so that you can make use of such Apps on your device.



Swiftkey Keyboard is the Keyboard which is known for its functional outlook. Nowadays this app is more impressive than before and it is flexible in the way you type.As this app comes with the additional features like multilingual typing and this app consists almost 800 emojis. This app supports swipe typing like Google Board and Word Flow. The main attracting feature about this app is it shows you how it is making adjustments in your typing style. If you are interested in expanding your languages this app will be useful to you because it supports 100 languages.

Google board

Google board keyboard is the keyboard which is introduced by Google. This app is simple and easy to understand. With this Google board you can search and send anything from Google as like funny emojis, GIFs, sending directions, weather reports, videos, images, news, sports score etc.., and even you can search any information from google As this app facilitates an important feature called Glide typing, it allows the users to type messages in a faster and accurate way.

GO Keyboard (Currently Not Available)

go keyboard
GO Keyboard is the best app for App stores. As this app comes with awesome features like fantasy stickers, 1000+emojis, rich themes and powerful language support more users are interested in using this app. With this app, you can adjust your language preferences automatically as it supports more than 40 languages. Using this app makes your typing faster and smarter. The main important thing about this app is that it provides privacy and security so that there is no chance left to misuse it.

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blink keyboard
Blink Keyboard is the best keyboard for the users who are interested in one-handed typing on a larger screen. This app provides exciting features as like autocorrect, resizable keyboard, quick text, gesture-based moves, color themes etc.., Using this keyboard makes the users get smooth and fast typing experience. This keyboard supports languages like English, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal Keyboard is the first keyboard on iOS with both gesture and swipe options. This app comes with features like swipe input, keyboard themes, Emojis and amazing speed. With this keyboard, you can adjust the keyboard height. The users who really wanna customize their texting style can make use of this keyboard app. Using this app gives you a pleasing experience.
Hope any one of the above keyboard apps will satisfy you right…? If so, mention which app you gonna use via comments below.

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