5 Best iPhone XS MAX Battery Cases

Have you got new iPhone XS MAX mobile? If yes, it is the right time to buy a Battery case for their iPhone. Even Though your iPhone XS Max has a high battery capacity it needs the battery case. These Battery cases provide you some bulk to your iPhone, which already has the savage profile. Here I gonna share you some high-quality battery cases for your iPhone XS MAX.
1.Alpatronix Battery case($59.95)alpatronix-battery-case
Alpatronix is the powerful battery case contains 120% of charge and powerful rechargeable battery of 5000 mAh. It is UL-certified internal battery for iPhone XS MAX to keep your charge for the whole day. It is only compatible with iPhone XS MAX and Apple Airpods or any other wireless bluetooth accessories. It is not compatible with iPhone XR, X, XS, Apple earpods with a lightning connector or traditional 3.55mm headphones. It brings a battery case that is compatible with Qi wireless charging.
You can use Qi wireless charging pad to charge your iPhone and battery case. This battery case is compatible with Apple pay, so you need not to remove the case when you need to payment anywhere.
2.i.VALUX Ultra Slim Battery Case($28.99)ivalvax-battery-case
i.VALUX battery case helps to indicate large capacity & Smart LED Indicators. It helps to add 150% extra battery life to your iPhone and 4 LED power indicators to know the status of the battery. Easy to access in all ports, no need to remove battery case when you use the lightning port and also you can make calls when your device is charging. The top of the battery case is soft rubber, make it easy to install and remove. You should not pull your iPhone while it is connecting to the charging port obliquely to prevent breaking the charging port.
3.Vocalol Battery Case($32.99)vocalol-battery-case
Vocalol Battery Case is made with powerful 6000mAh capacity for iPhone XS MAX help your iPhone charged for the entire day. You can sync your iPhone XS MAX to the MacBook, PC, laptop and charge wirelessly. Vocalol battery case allows you to connect your iPhone to a device without removing the case. Just pull the top cap and slide the phone into the port. You can also charge the battery case and your iPhone XS MAx. It has featured with LED battery level indicator, this battery case could help you to know the exact power of your iPhone.
4.Vproof Battery Case($32.99)vproof-battery-case
Vproof battery life helps to add the extra power of 125% with powerful 6000mAh capacity. It helps to keep your iphone charge the entire day. This charger case allows you to charge your iPhone and the case simultaneously via the lightning charger cable directly. It has 4 level LED indicators could let you know the exact power of your iPhone. This helps to transfer the data to your iPhone via your MacBook, PC or laptop without removing the case. When comparing to other battery case, this battery case can only support the bluetooth headphones. This battery case allows you to use your wired or wireless headphones to listen to music, watch videos and make phone calls while your iPhone is charging through the battery case.
5.Fusutonus Battery Case($25.99)fusutonus-battery-case
Fusutonus Battery Case has the capacity of 5200mAh powerful battery provides extra standby time to your iPhone. It is the best and first choice for the outdoor power companion. It is not only the battery case and also it is the protective case. The durable battery case is made up of unique ABS plastic, so that you can protect your iPhone from scratches and dust. This charger case basically designed with lightning port, you can sync your phone to the computer with the original lightning cable without removing the battery case.

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