5 Best iPhone XR Armbands with Sweat Proof Material

Armbands for iPhone XR

Have you bought your iPhone XR? If yes… it was the right time to buy the accessories for your iPhone to make it safe and secure. Just imagine, if you go to the Gym or any park to exercise. You need to keep your iPhone in a better place to safeguard it from robbers. But now you need not worry about these kinds of problems. Because you may have the armbands to tie your iPhone on your hands themselves. Here I gonna share with you the best armbands for your iPhone XR.

1. VUP Running Armband ($12.93)

VUP Running Armband

VUP is designed with added space so that, it is easily fit on large phones. It is lightweight and breathable to ensure your happiness while wearing it. The VUP running armband is useful for large smartphones and it will easily bend, flex, twist, and fold without wrapping. You can enjoy full-screen touch, make or attend calls, and manage music playlists. It is water-resistant, so need not worry about sweat. You can easily access the charger slot and headphone slot without removing the armband.

2. Revere ($16.99)

Revere armband

Revere is the best iPhone XR armband that provides a breath window that improves the thin armbands' air permeability. It is made up of breathable lycra to provide soft wearing, odor-free, lightweight wearing experience. HD transparent cover makes it easy to access your iPhone, manage the playlist, or help to activate your stopwatch. This armband comes with an extended strap to fit all-size arms. You can also carry your valuable things like a house or car keys, cards, and money inside your key pocket.

3. Newppon ($12.97)



Newppon is the sports fitness armband that perfectly fits most smartphones which have a screen size up to 6.1. This helps you to work freely without any trouble accessing all the functionalities of your smartphone. It keeps all kinds of stuff like keys, cards, money, and headphone. This armband has Sweat-resistance and is breathable also its vented strap keeps your arm cool when you are in workouts.

4. Mpow ($9.99)Mpow armband

Mpow armband helps to hold the smartphones up to  6.8 inches. Breathable and hand washable material provides you with a very soft and lightweight wearing experience. It contains a fully adjustable nylon armband to fit any arm size. Additionally, it provides a pleated pocket to hold your Airpods and keys, and its inner pocket can carry money and cash. This TPU screen protector protects your phone from scratches, Sweat-proof.

5. Innens ($9.99)innens-armband

The Innens is the universal armband, which helps people who like to wear colorful designs. This is portable for your cell phone, earphone, credit cards, and cash keys when you are in workouts. And also it has a breathable and adjustable velcro belt that fits all sizes of arms from 8 to 16 inches with more flexibility and comfort. It contains the earphone slot to enjoy the music wherever you are. It is lightweight and water-resistant and helps for wearing more comfortably. Innes comes with six color variants so that you can select your favorite armband which matches your style.

That's it. These are the best armbands for iPhone XR. If you have any doubts or suggestions let me know through the comment section. Thank you.

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