Best iPhone Signal Boosters, Apps & Tips

Most people experience poor signal on iPhone due to some factors out of our control such as,

  • Radiating tower is far from the current location
  • Signal interrupted by few geographic factors
  • Living in basement flat.

Because of all these dropped calls are still a major concern for large number of people. Also people living in rural areas receive only 2G signal. There are some ways available to boost the signal in iPhone to experience uninterrupted service.
Following are the ways to boost iPhone signal:
1. iBooster 805201 Cell Phone Signal Cradler Booster
iBooster 805201 Cell Phone Signal Cradler Booster
This wireless booster boosts the signal up to 20 times in vehicle. It’s compatible with all iPhones. It helps to reduce dropped calls and increase data rates in weak signal areas
2. Bury Technologies Comfort Cradle
Bury Technologies Comfort Cradle
This booster provides good performance on data transmission and reception
3. Wireless Extenders zBoost Dual Band Cell Phone Signal BoosterWireless Extenders zBoost Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster
This booster extends network coverage for single/multiple users in home/office. Frequency range is 800/1900 MHz.
4. Wilson Electronics 801247 desktop signal Booster ($199.99)Wilson Electronics 801247 desktop signal BoosterIt improves signal for voice and data transfer. It is conflict with 800/1,900 MHZ frequencies.
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5. Disable 3G.
Disable 3G
Turning off 3G in UK helps to receive good 2G signal. This will be useful to make just phone calls or sending SMS and battery lasts for longer time.
Steps to disable 3G on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose General.
  3. Choose Mobile Data.
  4. Turn off Mobile Data and Enable 3G.

6. Remove your iPhone From the case:
Another way to improve signal strength is by removing phone from case as it dampens the signal.
Instead Pong cases can be used to boost the signal as well as protect from radiationPong Case
Linkase cases helps to improve WIFI  signal.
7. Use a Signal Booster:Home SignalSignal booster is a small device kept at home to extend the range of cell networks into areas that receive poor service including homes, offices and more.
There are many signal boosters available in market such as

  •    Boostbox – offered by O2 company
  •    Sure Signal – offered by company Vodafone.

8. Put your iPhone in Empty Glass:iPhone in a GlassThe signal strength is drastically improved by placing phone in an empty glass. It’s little awkward to make phone calls when it’s in glass. This can used to make urgent calls by putting the phone in speaker mode.
9.Use a Signal Finding App:OpenSignalBased on the information provided by mobile phone companies, mobile app store provide many applications to find stronger signal and WI-FI signal available in your area. This helps people to find best location to get good and decent signal.
OpenSignal is one of the application available to find the decent signal in a location. OpenSignal are used to find better network connection immediately. We can upload data very fast using OpenSignal.

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