8 Best iPhone Camera Self-timer Apps

iPhone built in camera app do not have camera timer option to click our shutter button for photos instead of us. We also need time to set frame for our selfie that can give a good view of ours with the distance. We have app to solve this kind of issues, here are we with some of the best iPhone camera self timer apps.
1.Self Timer Camera (Free)
Self Timer Camera is an app for iPhone camera self timer feature. This app has a user friendly interface. It works with good timer option and inbuilt options are not sold for money. The app do not support advertisement and has 6 different additional timer countdown beeper sounds.
2. GorillaCam (Free)
 GorillaCam iPhone app
Gorillacam is another self timer app for iPhone camera. The app is considered best for its wonderful interface, for quick usage without any doubt. There is a special mode called burst mode with this app and the shutter speed can be set from minimum 1 second to maximum 120 seconds.
3. iTimer Cam ($0.99)
iTimer Cam iPhone app
iTimer Cam is a self timer app for iPhone which create time lapse video from multiple shots taken by app. To create video, minimum 12 and more shots are required. The app can capture videos for 10 seconds. We can use front and rear camera with flash with this app. Multiple shots upto 500 can be taken in single click.
4. Camera+ ($2.99)
Camera+ iPhone app
Camera + app is a camera self timer app for iPhone with lot of special features that include different shooting modes, digital zoom, scene mode, lightbox border. We can even add captions and crop pictures. We have focus control to shoot photos of our choice. The app also increase the clarity of the picture taken just acting like a pro.
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5. Camera Timer (Free)
Camera Timer iPhone app
Camera Timer is another wonderful app for iPhone camera to set self timer. We can delay the shutter time of the camera to take our selfie and groupie. The app have all qualifications that a decent app must have. It supports both front and rear camera.
6. TimerCam (Free)
 TimerCam iPhone app
TimerCam is a app for self timer iPhone camera. The camera delay is for about 5, 10, 15, 30 seconds. The app has the capability to access both front and rear camera. The app is easy to use.
7. Timer Auto Camera (Free)
Timer auto Camera free app for iPhone camera self timer feature. The app also has a video timer option. We also have paid upgrade for app can be purchased for extra benefits. We can display date and time on the photo using this app. The app takes picture after clap and allows various filter option for photos.
8. Self timer ($0.99)
Self timer iPhone app
Self timer is a paid app for iPhone camera self timer effect. We can set timer from 1 sec to 60 sec that allows us to take even group pictures. The app gives beep sound before 5 seconds to capture the photo and supports both front and rear camera. It has a digital zoom option to capture distant object with clarity.

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