5 Best iPhone and iPad Music/Audio Editing Apps

Music is one of the best medicine for most of us. I love to listen to songs and tracks when I'm down and happy. At times I even try to cut some of the lines that I love to listen to. Once I have tried to cut the favorite line from a song that I wanted to use it as ringtone on my iPhone. Really that worked for me. Who will not say Yes, if you are getting your favorite ringtone for free and that too the exact same lines you wanted? Here I'm not going to talk about how to create ringtones, but I will tell you the best music editing apps for creating or editing your favorite songs. So let's get started.

The best Music/Audio editing apps

1. Garageband (In-build iPhone App)


Garageband is one of the finest music editor apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch which is free of cost. You don’t want to be a musician to create music with GarageBand. Beautiful touch instruments such as guitars, bass, and keyboards are also available here. When you play these instruments they will sound like real instruments.

It is also used for record voices, sounds, and podcasts. While using GarageBand, you will feel like you are in a real recording studio. The iOS 13 allows you to play, record, and mix third-party instruments or effects directly. And then you can share that music with friends and family. When you start learning any musical instruments, start your learning with GarageBand.

BONUS: This app helps in editing ringtones for your iPhone and iPad as well. So you can easily edit and use ringtones for free on your iOS devices.

Video Link: How to create iPhone Ringtone without iTunes?

2. Hokusai Audio Editor



Additional Feature: You can adjust the sound of your audio files which you can find in Garage Band.

Hokusai Audio Editor app is a multitrack music/audio editor app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can also adjust the sounds of your audio files using this app. This app provides you the full freedom to edit your audio files as you like. Once you use this app, you will start enjoying it. This app will give a perfect sound quality for your audio files. Cut, copy, and join the music files the way you want.

Special tools such as normalize your volume, fade in/out, basic synthesis, and reverse time are also available here. This App is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

3. Medly (Music Maker)



Additional Feature: It has more than 16+ instruments to compose your own music.

Why I have chosen Medly is the unique feature and the user interface that they provide. It has around 16 free instruments and more than 140+ instruments (in-app purchase) which you can try to create your own composition. Just pick an instrument, draw notes, record & sing, and drag & drop one of over 2100 loops or samples. The created songs can be sent as a video, audio, MIDI, or Medly file to your friends and family.

You can use in-built sounds and filters to change the mood of the music. Medly has over 2100+ editable loops or audio samples with epic music which was sung by seasoned and new musicians and this can be used to increase the quality of your music.


  • iPad App of the Year: Japan and South Korea
  • iPhone App of the Year Runner-Up: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan

4. TwistedWave Audio Editor

Twisted WaveAdditional Feature: It can convert your video file to audio file. Also, it supports WAV, AIFF, CAF, AAC, MP3, and FLAC formats.

TwistedWave is one of the best music editor apps for iPhone and iPad. It is the powerful and professional music editor app. Using this app, you can separate the audio from the video. To edit the audio, simply record or import the music file and start editing as you like.

Special effects such as delay, fade in/out, pitch-shifting/time-stretching, amply/mortality the video, compressor/limiter, etc. TwistedWave is the best one for beginners and professionals. It provides a high sound quality for your music files. Extra credit to this app is you have browser access to allow downloading and uploading files from/to TwistedWave.

The completed audio files can be sent via mail or share it with other apps or even you can upload it on FTP or SFTP account. Download this app and create your ringtones & music.

5. Audio Editor Tool


Audio Editor

Audio Editor Tools helps you to edit the audio/music files very easily. It is a simple and professional audio editing app for iPhone and iPad. You can also record sounds, voices, and music using this app. It is the best tool for people who are editing music files often. It provides professional quality for your audio files. It helps to add audio effects like pitch, reverb, delay, and you can adjust the audio files using EQ.

Audio Editor Tools Plus lets you edit all kinds of famous audio formats. You can cut, copy, join, and trim the music files as you want.  It supports .wav and .m4a as well. Simply create your ringtones and save your time with Audio Editing Tool Plus.

6. MP3 Cutter

a music cutter

MP3 Cutter is the best tool to create your music and ringtones. Most of the iPhone and iPad users around the world are using this app. Mainly people use this app for creating ringtones. You can trim a song as small as you want. MP3 Cutter is a free offline app. After downloading and installing it, you can access this app without an internet connection. Using this app you can cut all kinds of mp3 audio/music files. Download and install the app and create your ringtones without an internet connection.

Final Verdict

To my knowledge, I have given the 6 best music/ audio editing apps for iPhone and iPad. This does not only help in trimming the audio file, but it also helps in creating your ringtone for iPhone and iPad as well. If you have any experience with these apps and have seen any difficulty please let me know through your comments. Even if you have any suggestions about other apps, let me know it as well. Thanks for reading and keep supporting to iPhonetopics.com

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