12 Best iPhone Apps to Record Phone Calls

When we have iPhone with us we always look for an app that supports our need. Built-in iOS do not support recording phone calls. If we wish to record a phone call to make it as a proof in some business conversation for future examine, recording calls of a celebrity, interviews conducted in phone, conference meeting using your phone is common. iPhone with record phone calls app will be a best choice instead of carrying an extra instrument for recording. Students can also use this app by recording the lecture in class. 
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1. TapeAcall pro ($9.99)
TapeAcall pro is the best iPhone apps to record phone calls.  You can record unlimited incoming and outgoing calls (no monthly fees). You can send the recorded file to social network like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also send it to your own mail and changing it as Mp3 format,upload in dropbox or Google drive.
2. Call Log pro (free)
Call log pro is remarkably good, works fast and user friendly app. After you download this app register it using your mail and provide a password to protect recordings.
3. Call Recorder-Int call (free)
Downloading this app is free but in order to use the app you have to buy credits. Record national or international phone calls from your iOS device( iPhone, iPad or iPod).It also have tag option to point important portion. Provide separate title for each recording to identify them easily. This app also allow to transfer the recording to your own PC.
4. ipadio (free)
ipadio is an app created for manage audio, video and also calls. You need to create an online account in ipadio where your records are saved. It also allows you to change the settings of the account. In order to record calls in this app, a pin number is send to you which is to be given before starting the recording.
5. Google voice (free)
Use your Google Voice account from your iPhone, iPod and iPad. It allow users to record only incoming calls. If this app is enabled, start and stop incoming call recording by pressing button 4 in your phone.
6. Call Recorder Free
Call recorder free app allow users to record both incoming and outgoing calls. During a call you can see a record button, select it. Its also allow users to share their recordings via iMessage, Email, Dropbox and FaceBook.
7. Edigin call Recorder (free)
Edigin call recorder is available free only when we sign a contract with the app. It is based on cloud technology and It records both incoming and outgoing calls. Call recordings saved in cloud.
8. Call recording by Nonotes.com (free-avail only in North America & UK)
Another call recording app for iPhone like Edigin call recorder. The recordings of incoming and outgoing calls are saved in cloud. The app allow 20 minutes free recording each month, for extra minutes we have to purchase.
9.Call recorder – VoIP phone calls and recorder (free)
VoIP phone calls is not free but recording calls using this app is free. It records only outgoing calls. The app works best with WiFi or 3G networks. Its also allow users to save recordings in iTunes.
10. Recorder ($0.99)
This app only record US phone calls. It also record discussions, memos,ideas and interviews on your iPhone. Also use this app as a sound recorder.
11. Call Recording By TPS Games
Record and listen phone calls on your iPhone using this app.
12. CallRec Pro ($8.99)
Another iOS call recorder.

  1. During a phone call, press the Home button and launch CallRec app.
  2.  Click the red record button. Conversation screen will appear again. Press ‘Merge calls’.

If you knew any other best call recorder for iPhone or automatic call recorder for iPhone, inform us via comment.

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Almost every call recording app informs the caller that you are recording or puts the call on hold whilst it connects.
To record abusive threatening calls for evidence you don't want to alert the caller

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