10 Best iPhone 6s Plus Designer Cases

Secure your iPhone 6s Plus by the best swanky cases. These designer cases not only help to upgrade you in the world of fashion but also act as a shield in protecting your devices from usual wear and tear.
1.Wooden Designer Cases ($7.18- $19.99)
Designer Cases iPhone 6s Plus Case
Designer case is for all natural lovers having iPhone 6s. One of the pleasant artiste cases for everyday fortification. This case supports the user to access the ports using USB cables for peripheral operations. Realistic wooden art imprinted cases delivers groovy exterior look.
2.Vogue Shield cases ($3.99-$29.99)
Vogue iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case
Most colorful and artistic cases are offered by Vogue for your valuable iPhone 6s Plus. Many designs, many colors, many variety cases are available for the new iPhone which matches well. This is finished using Soft-TPU which provides your faultless grip and also brings complete security in protecting from all usual grinding downs.
3.Stuff4 for iPhone 6s Plus ($7.49)
Stuff4 iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case
Stuff4 designer case is for art lovers as well as the music lovers. This Guitar imprinted case is really attention-grabbing. In addition, Stuff4 cases helps to protect your iPhone 6s plus from common abrasions. It is crafted with durable Poly-carbonate, so you can able to get high protection. Get your favorite guitar designed case from several available colors and designs from Amazon.com.
4. Inndise Cases for iPhone ($25 – $35)
Inndise iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case
Inndise is best for its fancy designs. It gives gracious appearance in its humble black and white streaks. Most excellent case for the users who needs simple and chic looks. This is provided with wrist-strap for security and four card-slots where you can drop your cash, card and many. The outer case is made from high class PU leather pelt is coated outside whilst the innermost casing is finished using resilient TPU material.
5. Onelee for Disney buffs ($17.99-$32.99)
Onelee iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case
The most attractive Onelee designer case is for all age-group Disney lovers. iPhone’s Onelee case will recollects all your childhood memories. On the back of this case, all the Disney characters are imprinted which is really eye-catching. Plus, it is crafted with solid polycarbonate and TPU which provides you the extreme durability to the iPhone 6s Plus. Last of all, protection films are included with this design which assure that it won’t wane out at any time.
6. Creepy Lakaka cases ($10.18 -$25) (Currently Not Available)
Lakaka iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case
Though Halloween has just passed, but this is made especially for the fans of scary cases. These cases are crafted with solid plastic material for the users with 10 different artistic designs. In addition, rubber soft corners help the case to protect your iPhone 6s Plus from regular wear and tear. All the ports for jacks, mics and other cables can be accessed easily with the proper cut-outs.
7. Transparent ESR cases ($9.99-$21.99)
ESR iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case
ESR cases are on the whole, pure- crystal clear cases with imprinted designs at its back. It cleverly uncovers the Apple’s insignia enclosed completely with the attracting designs. Besides the exquisite drawing, this is fabricated with superior Polycarbonate material which safeguards the iPhone 6s Plus.
8. Kaseberry Flip cases ($4.99-$33.69)
Kaseberry iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case
Kaseberry cases are flip cover cases, offers you full range of protection as it is made by PU leather and TPU coatings. This high quality flip cover exactly matches your iPhone 6s plus. This enables landscape mode which helps you to look at the images, videos and many more effortlessly. Most fashionable cases are currently available at 9 different layouts.
9. Golf Ball Stiff Cases for iPhone 6s Plus ($6.94 -$19.99)
Golf Ball Hard Case for iPhone 6s Plus
rich looking golf balls imprinted Case offers complete feast for all the golf admirers. Ball illustrations are perfectly carved inorder to fit in all the boundaries and angles. Coming to its protection, hard-wearing plastic coats helps to bear the natural falls. Unfortunately, no color options and other designs available for this hard case.
10. Toru Hard Case ($15.75 – $29.99)
Toru iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case
Presenting the brand new Toru designer cases comes altogether with wallet. It is crafted with soft TPU rubber inside and Hardest Polycarbonate outside. You can use the small slot to drop cards, cashes at its back. Coming to the design, the picture-perfect white imprint with dark background is remarkable. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best iPhone 6s plus case ever.

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