10 Best iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Cases

Got your new iPhone 6s??? And now you will be very much excited and happy with your new phone. But wait for a second; i have a question how are you going to maintain your phone? How will you protect your delicate partner without any cases??? Do you have any answer for my question? Is your answer No? But don’t worry guys now you got the answer in this post. I have listed some branded belt clip cases that will protect your iPhone 6s.
1.SUPCASE: ($14.99)
SUPCASE iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

  • It gives you very stylish and rugged look.
  • You can easily attach hands-free and light cable port.
  • You can also make drop test with this SUPCASE but result will be strength of your case.
  • It is made up of advanced dual layer and polycarbonate hard shell.
  • It is also made with flexible TPU so it retains good strength.
  • Added advantage is that it has inbuilt screen protector.

2. Debin: ($25.99)
Debin iPhone 6s Plus Holster

  • It is made up of smooth leather and plush design.
  • It has a magnetic clip that allows you to take and put back your iPhone quickly.
  • It matches well for your iPhone with sleek design.
  • When you think about look wise, it gives you highly professional look.

3. CellBee: ($29.99)
CellBee iPhone 6s Plus Belt Holster

  • It has rough and good look by its criss-cross pattern.
  • It is made up of silicon inner dual core layer and of polycarbonate shell.
  • It can give you maximum protection against the scratches and from drops.
  • It also has kick stand that allows you to watch videos.

4. EpicDealz ($7.95)
EpicDealz iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

  • It is made with the unique combination of belt and metal loop.
  • It has Velcro flap that can hold your iPhone tightly.
  • You can hang it on your purse or back pack using the belt loop.
  • Your iPhone will be safe inside the exterior canvas.
  • You can always insert this back loops in your belt.

5. Cineyo: ($24.99)
CINEYO iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

  • It is available with advanced belt clip case.
  • It allows you to easily snap in and snap out the iPhone.
  • It guarantees for high protection against scratches.
  • It is also made with polycarbonate hard shell.
  • It allows you to freely access all buttons in the iPhone.

6. Aduro: ($25.99)
Aduro iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

  • It provides you the rubberized texture that protect you iPhone.
  • It produce strong grip with the iPhone inserted into it.
  • This case firmly locks the phone and safe guard it from scratches.
  • You can also easily remove the iPhone when call comes to you.
  • You don’t want to worry about the accidental drops.

7. AceAbove: ($29.99)
AceAbove iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

  • The exterior design of this case is made by hard shell.
  • It has strong locking system, so it makes your phone to get fit at one place.
  • It also has kick stand that allows us to watch videos and to make video chat.
  • You can easily take the iPhone from the case.

8. Eagle Case Line: ($59.99)
ECL USA iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

  • When compared to other flip cases it provide 360 degree rotation.
  • You can spin it at any direction.
  • It is best companion for traveller as it is strong enough.
  • It is made of hybrid heavy duty cover.
  • And also it guarantees shock proof.
  • It has precise cut-outs so you can easily access all the buttons.

9. BENTOBEN: ($28)
BENTOBEN iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

  • It is an Italian design and available in grey and orange colour combination.
  • It is made up of unique plastic hard shell.
  • And the outer layer is soft silicon skin.
  • It has precise cuts to easily access the buttons.
  • It also allows to have 360 degree rotation.

10. SGM: ($9.99)
SGM iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Holster Case

  • It gives you hundred percentage protection against the damage.
  • It will look like a belt case and it very well fit for the iPhone.
  • It gives you rugged look and retains good strength.
  • It allows 180 degree rotation and allows you to keep it multiple position.
  • It also has precise openings.
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