10 Best iPhone 6s Kickstand Cases

iPhone 6s kick stand case is very helpful to watch videos hands-free. The kickstand case provides both security and pleasure of watching videos. Video chat is also made comfortable with kickstand case. We are here with some best options of kick stand case for iPhone 6s.
1.Spigen($29.99)Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 6s Kickstand CaseSpigen is a iPhone 6s kickstand case from the leading Apple accessories manufacturer spigen. The color, design and material are perfectly combined to give a great look to the case. It has a air cushion technology to safeguard the kick stand from normal falls. The product has rounded sides and flush buttons to give comfortable grip to the iPhone 6s.
2. Obliq($14.99)
Obliq Kickstand Case for iPhone 6sObliq is a iPhone 6s kickstand case is easily carried in pockets with its non bulky design. The case has a transparent back that allows us to see the original back of the iPhone 6s crystal clear. The Case can protect iPhone 6s from accidental drops and shocks though it is delicate in look and feel, it is strong.
3. ACEGUARDER($14.69 – $39.99)
Aceguarder iPhone 6s Kickstand CaseACEGUARDER is a iPhone 6s detachable kickstand case, it is rare to have detachable feature thus it’s a special product of its kind. The case is made of superior standard silicon plastic and PC with military standard durability and protection. The case has been tested for sand/dust proof and shock/drop and vibration proof to protect iPhone 6s.
4.BUDDIBOX ($10.95 – $11.93)
BUDDIBOX Kickstand Case for iPhone 6sBUDDIBOX is a iPhone 6s wallet case cum kickstand case made from premium quality handmade vegan leather has the qualities of both wallet and kickstand in a piece. We can put three cards and some bills inside the slots provided. The case is non bulky and can be kept inside the pocket. There are perfect cuts for accessing all ports and buttons of iPhone 6s in this case.
5. SGM($9.99)
SGM Kickstand for Case iPhone 6sSGM is a iPhone 6s dual layer kickstand stand case that gives complete protection to iPhone. The case is made from polycarbonate hard plastic with soft antiscratch shock proof inner layer and outer layer to protect from scratches and stains. It has perfect openings that allow us to access volume buttons, camera, charger, microphone jacks and other ports too. We also get a customized look with iPhone 6s.
6. Poetic($9.95)
Poetic iPhone 6s Kickstand CasePoetic is a iPhone 6s kickstand that gives complete protection. The case has a corner protection with raised TPU support. It protects iPhone 6s from scratches due to shocks and normal falls and also gives dust and dirt proof. All the openings are covered with flaps to give protection.
7. Wireless fones($7.99)
Wireless Fones iPhone 6s Kickstand CaseWireless fones is a iPhone 6s kickstand case with attractive design. The rubberized exterior of the case protects iPhone 6s against scratches. The features include dual hybrid design, rubber sleeve, easy installation. Altogether it is a stylish kickstand for iPhone 6s.
8. Cineyo($12.99)
Cineyo Kickstand Case for iPhone 6sCineyo is a iPhone 6s highly protective kickstand case with the iPhone wrapped with inner TPU case and lip around the front edges of the glass. The exterior of the case is made of polycarbonate hard shell to give extra protection to back, side and corners. The case also has openings to access all ports, buttons and controls of iPhone 6s and kickstand helps to watch videos hands free.
9. Fekia(15.90)
FEKIA iPhone 6s Kickstand Case
Fekia is a iPhone 6s kickstand that allows us to keep both in horizontal and vertical position. The product from Armor Tank series has two pieces namely flexible TPU shell and tough polycarbonate cover that aptly fit around iPhone 6s. The product provides 360 degree protection against accidental drops, bumps and shocks. The advanced dual layered design and the built in screen protector provides extra safety against scratches and stains.
10. JD($7.99)
JD Kickstand Case for iPhone 6sJD is a iPhone 6s kickstand with innovative design that has bolstered with dots to give extraordinary grip to hold the iPhone. The case is also dual layered to protect iPhone 6s against accidental drops, bumps and shocks. The case is lightweight and doesn’t add any bulk to iPhone and can be carried in pockets.

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