10 Best iPhone 6/6 Plus Waterproof Cases

iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6 doesn’t come as a water resistant, due to its big size and shape there is a possibility of dropping it in water. We have lot of waterproof cases available in market for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. we are going to discuss about some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus waterproof cases.

Best iPhone 6 waterproof cases

1.Lifeproof fre iPhone 6 waterproof case ($79.99)
Lifeproof fre iPhone 6 waterproof case
Fre waterproof case is the product Lifeproof, with the built-in scratch protector to protect touch screen. The anti-reflective optical glass lens gives protection for camera and has a special elevation for adjusting volume. The case is capable resisting water of 2 Meter for about an hour. The case is slimmest, toughest, lightest, compact and has a window for apple iconic label to be visible clear.
2. Cartrol washington iPhone 6 waterproof case ($5.99-$16.99)
cartrol eashington iPhone waterproof case
Cartrol Washington waterproof cases have cool design which allows easy on off option. The case is made of good quality TPU and PC material that protects from water drops and damages. The flexible impact resistant Shell that covers phone and is light weight, sleek.
3. jBtek iPhone 6 waterproof cases ($19.99)
jBtek iPhone 6 waterproof cases
jBtek is a iPhone 6 waterproof case for minimal water exposure. The case allows accessibilities to touch screen. We have good form fitting design. It look and feel like normal case exposed to rain or when we visit beach, swimming pool they are used well. Its thin and great to look.
4. H2NO dry bags iPhone 6 waterproof case ($9.77 – $29.99)
H2NO dry bags iPhone 6 waterproof case
H2NO dry bags are best suitable inside water. We can use our iPhone in beach, while swimming without worrying with this case. The case has special place to keep credit cards and cash. It features thermometer, lanyard and armband. We can access all these features inside water too.
5. Eco-fused iPhone 6 waterproof case ($13.99-$29.99)
Eco-fused iPhone 6 waterproof case
When we are searching for 100% waterproof case .Eco-fused waterproof cases of absolute voice. The case is transparent, so that both sides of the phone are visible. We can easily access camera and touch screen using this case. It’s 100% waterproof technology allows us to use it in underwater also.

Best waterproof cases for iPhone 6 Plus

6. kuteck ($9.99-$39.99)
kuteck waterproof case for iPhone 6 plus
Kuteck is fully sealed case and well known for its water resistant quality. We cannot use side buttons within the case but touch screen can be used smoothly. The case is waterproof, dust-proof, shock-proof, snow proof that can even be used when submerged in water. It has stylish, durable design but not recommended for daily use preferable only in travel.
7. Seidio OBEX iPhone 6 Plus waterproof case ($64.30-$78)
Seidio OBEX iPhone 6 plus waterproof case
Seidio OBEX waterproof case is available in different colors and it is super-slim protective case suitable for general purpose. OBEX exceeds IP-68 ratings that can withstand in 1 meter for about an hour. It has a built in plastic screen protector and also access to all options of the iPhone 6/6 plus.
8. Easy life iPhone 6 plus waterproof cases ($12.99-$40.99)
Easy life iPhone 6 plus waterproof cases
Easy life is one of the slim light weight waterproof protective case for iPhone 6 plus. It protect our iPhone 6 plus from water, dust, snow, spill and full submersible. The case is capable of resisting water from 2 meter and withstand water drops from 6.6 feet height. The thin case that is capable of resisting dust and shock.
9. Catalyst iPhone 6 Plus waterproof case ($59.38-$75)
Catalyst iPhone 6 plus waterproof case
Catalyst waterproof case gives protection to our iPhone 6 plus at the depth of 5 meters from water and also against dust, snow and dirt. The case  comes in two colors black and white. It supports cables to be charged to be plugged without removing the case. It is best suited for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.
10. Acewin iPhone 6 Plus waterproof case ($79.99)
Acewin iPhone 6 plus waterproof case
Acewin waterproof case satisfies IP68 standard water resistant. When submerged for 60 minutes in 1 meter height. The case is made up of flexible TPU and can withstand falls from 1.2 m height. It is dust proof, snow proof, shock proof that passed military grade SGS test. The case is ultra thin with 9.4mm thickness and 28g weight and has a dual scratch resistance sheet of about 3H thickness to safeguard screen.

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