7 Best iPhone 6/6s Armbands

Today every time we need the hand of our iPhones. Even during our daily routines like work out, exercise and jogging, we cannot handle or keep the mobile in our hands. It will be cool when we have a component which helps us to carry our iPhone. In that case, Armband helps us to clear this problem.
Why Armband?

  • You can listen to your favourite song during your work out.
  • It gives you large velcro area to cover the iPhone of any size.
  • You don’t want to switch the mobile phone from one hand to another.
  • It is comfort and it can put y our device safe.

In this post i have included some list of armbands which help us to make your iPhone much handy….
1. SUPCASE ($20-$30)

  • I rated this armband first because it looks like combo band.
  • It can fit as your armband as well as your mobile case.
  • It is silicon in nature and it is detachable too.
  • It is stretchable too.


  • It has only limited colours.
  • It does not cover the screen of the iPhone 6 completely.

2. Minisuit  Sporty Armband ($7 – $30)
Minisuit Sporty iPhone 6 Armband

  • If you are seeking for inexpensive and worthy armband this can be your choice.
  • It is comfortable and flexible in nature.
  • It has slots for keeping your keys.
  • It has reflective strip so you can even use it at low light condition.


  • If your biceps are above 14 inches then it will not fit for you.
  • Only limited colour edition.
  • The key pocket does not close at the top.

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3. My Band Armband ($20)
myband iPhone 6 armband

  • If you are looking for an arm band which also fits your wrist then you can consider this band.
  • It will be your good companion when you paly guitar, when you want to cook by seeing the recipe list
  • You can read your e-mail too.
  • This will fit for your both gym work and house hold work.


  • It will not be felt good for very fat people.
  • Lacking comfort when compared with the band which fits your biceps
  • Only limited colours are available.
  • It is not exclusively designed for iPhone 6s but it is precise for iPhone 6s.

4. Tune Belt ($20)
Tune Belt iPhone 6 armband

  • It has extender option to fit your arm.
  • It is easy to adjust.
  • It is available for affordable price.
  • It fits very well for iPhone 6.


  • When you wash this case it may be stinky.
  • It is not water proof.
  • It is not fit for long run use.

5. In Case Sports Armband ($37)
In Case Sports Armband

  • It is made of smart elements.
  • It makes comfortable wearing for long run.
  • It also has Velcro flap which makes your iPhone safe from sliding down.
  • It’s cover does not affect the iPhone’s sensitivity.


  • The main advantage of this is that it cannot be dry cleaned or washed.
  • Prevents the touch screen from working.
  • Lacks for covering the whole phone size.

6. Belkin Sport fit ($16 – $25)
Belkin Sport Fit iPhone 6 Armband

  • It is a high quality armband for iPhone 6.
  • They don’t have number of colour option but they are of high strength to use.
  • It is anti-sweat band and washable too.


  • Only few colour options are available.
  • It is not extendible in nature.

7. Griffin Trainer ($25)
 Griffin Trainer iPhone 6 armband

  • It is upgraded version of the iPhone 5 armband.
  • It can fit up to 18 inches biceps.
  • It is splash resistant and washable too.
  • It is also sweat-resistant.


  • It is available only in limited colours.
  • It is not washable in nature.
  • It don’t have long run future.
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