5 Best iPhone 5/5s Docking Stations

Apple’s Dock stations are specially designed for iPhones. This lets your iPhone to dock and undock while running. Now-a-days iPhone docks not only charges, but also allows the apple users to listen songs, synchronizes the clock, alerts email. We have examined popular reviews and listed the best dock station for iPhones 5/5s from the leaders of production in this article. Here is the list …
JBL OnBeat ($40 – $100)
JBL is one of the elegant, compact and powerful dock speakers for iPhone 5. Though it is very small, its output range is well known by all the Mac users.  You can use the dock for 5 hours (with four batteries) and AC adapter is included with triple-AS.
JBL OnBeat Micro iPhone Dock
iPhone 5S dock to charge and hold ($29)
iPhone 8-pin dock charger is very simple and whitish, made by Apple. Best for Mac users which keeps your iPhone 100% charge forever. Lightning cable and USB cables can be connected by the back side of the dock. The base is crafted by rubber which sticks on the surface. This dock station consists of four customized designs.
iPhone 5s dock
Bose Series III Sound-Dock ($250)
Bose series III is a budget conscious Sound-Dock. Designed only for iPhone 5, having perfect pair around $250. Blackish stand is surrounded with digital music system. Fix charge and listen to music by using Bose at $250. Compatible to your iPhone, iPod devices. Get 8 pin lightning-conductors, front mount and a remote to take full control of the digital speakers.
Bose SoundDock Series III iPhone Speaker Docks
Aud 5 – iLuv for iPhone 5 ($70)
Most classy docking station for iPhone 5 for all the time is Aud 5. This is the new lightning connector for iPhone and iPod at $130 with extraordinary power acoustics and full range – active drivers. This is simple and modish but sounds really good.
iLuv Aud 5 iPhone Dock
Philips DS1155 dock speaker ($81.79 – $180)
Philips DS1155 dock is extremely smart, stylish charge and play station for iPhone5/5s, iPhone 6/6s. Very compact which lets you to fit it in your desk. Dock comprised of 6W-RMS power, lightning conductor. Possible to auto synchronize when it is docked. Speaker is very sleek and high-quality interior music station.
The Philips DS1155 iPhone Dock

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