10 Best iPad Video Player Apps

Apple has in-built video player for its iPad. But if we are in search for extra features, Apple allows us to use video player apps developed for iPad. There many such video player apps available for our iPad from we can choose our option. These apps have difference in their features based on our requirement we can choose one. We have paid as well as free video player app for iPad. We are going to discuss some of those apps.

Best iPad Video Player App for free

1.Oplayer HD Lite (free)
Oplayer HD Lite
OPlayer supports almost all types of videos latest version supports MKV files. We can use this app to enhance music player of iPad or iPhone. The key features of the app include FTP server, FTP client, Dropbox, SAMBA client support, play video even with screen lock. The app also has different play mode, resume function, dynamically menu, playlist and file management. The options like New, rename, copy, paste and delete option available.
2. HD player (free)
 HD player
HD player is a video player that plays even 4k videos in iPhone and iPad that looks like desktop classic. The features include playing videos from HD to ultra HD (4k) video ,iTunes and WiFi sharing and 3D video playback. This app also supports TV output, Bluetooth headset, compatible with 3D glass, iOS 7 and later versions of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. We have to spend some $1.99IAP to get audio codec support.
3. VM Player (free)
VM Player
VM player is video player app that arrange video in thumbnail or slideshow to play it and can support AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, FLV, MPG, WMV, ASF and many other formats. The player can play base to apex video and audio codec’s and allows us to download and open files from networks like SMB or FTP. It can be synchronized with TV Output, remote control, iTunes file sharing sync option. This app is compatible with Apple’s iOS 8 and later versions.
4. Flex Player (free)
Flex Player
Flex player is for free but we have to spend $7.99 to use technically essential supports can be accessed only when we purchase it. This app is called universal app to watch HD video with the 15+ language support. This app supports almost all kinds of file formats.
5. 8player Lite (free)
8player lite
8player lite app is a video player app that is compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad air, iPad mini and iPod touch. This app is considered one of the best among its kind since it can play multifunctional for all multimedia files like video, music and images. The product is available in app store. We can also have a paid version of the app for $5.99.

Best paid video players for iPad and iPad mini

6. Creation 5+ Media player ($7.99)
 Creation 5+ Media player
Creation 5+ media player app with a stylish menu with immense graphics. It also has a in-built radio to hear our favorite radio stations along with hearing songs and watching videos from iPad. We can even add photos along with the songs with special option to add iPad photos to songs.
7. AVplayer HD ($2.99)
AVPlayer HD
AVplayer is a paid video player app specially designed for the iPad. The app is ranked high among its kind. It also supports most popular formats like MKV, AVI, XVID and also AC3. We can also use subtitle feature and simple drag drop is enough to copy a file.
8. MCPlayer HD ($3.99)
MCPlayer HD for iPad
MCPlayer is otherwise known as Media center video player designed to play audio, video files for iOS devices iPad. The app supports Dolby digital plus to give good sound quality and customized outputs. We can create our playlist to which on our choice. This app is designed to support iOS 6.0 or later versions and has 13 languages like english, dutch, Portuguese, Swedish etc.
9. CineXPlayer HD ($3.99)
CineXPlayer HD for iPad
CineXPlayer HD is a paid video player app in the Apple store that supports error free AC3 format. The special feature of the app converts even SD video to HD video. Some features like direct download of the app from web is allowed and has lot more.
10. ArkMC ($4.99)
ArkMC is a paid video streamer and player for iPad. This app is for wireless and seamless UpnP/DLNA sharing in a good powerful manner. The Ark Media Player supports wide range of file formats that are necessary for such app.

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