6 Best Fine Tip iPad Stylus for Writing & Note Taking

Best Fine tip Stylus pen for iPad

iPad stylus with a broad round point tip was used to write and sketch. When the high-resolution screen arrived with remarkable improvement, there was a need for the best fine tip iPad stylus. A fine tip stylus is used like a sharp pen, plotting points on a paper. These fine tips will not harm the glass screen. In this article best fine tips for iPad stylus for writing and note-taking available in the market are discussed.

1. AIcase Fine Tip Pen for iPad ($21.99)

AICase stylus tip pencil for iPad

First, AIcase stylus Fineline creates a stylus for the iPad. The tip plots about 1.9mm giving sharp fine sketches fast. The stylus is used along with many apps (very useful for drawing taking).

2. Maylofi Active stylus pen($12.99)
Maylofi Active Pen

Maylofi iPad stylus is a smooth fine tip stylus specifically designed for note-making. The pixel point of the tip plots about 2mm. Secondly, it works with an AAA battery and its battery life is based on the usage. Bluetooth 4.0 technology is used to connect with the iPad.

3. ORIbox Stylus Pen for iPad ($8.67)

ORIbox stylus pen for iPad

ORIbox iPad stylus is not like another iPad stylus. It has unique features. It is a smartpen, which is not directly used to write on the iPad. Therefore, it's compatible with all models of the iPad.

4. BEGROTROL Stylus pen($14.99)
BEGROTROL Stylus pen for iPad

The BEGROTROL was also known as a pinpoint precision active stylus. The stylus weighs only 0.5 ounces. The battery used in it Lithium battery that lasts for about 10-12 hours of continuous usage. As well as its 1.5-diameter tip that provides a realistic feeling while using this pen.

5. KSW KINGDO iPad stylus ($29.99)
KSW KINGDO stylus pen for iPad

The KSW KINGDO iPad stylus is a simple and fine-quality stylus. It has a battery that comes with 10 hours of continuous use. This is work with all models of iPhone and iPad. Its 1.4mm tip gives you an accurate writing and drawing experience.

6. Granarbol Stylus pen for iPad ($16.99)

Granarbol Fine tip stylus for iPad
The Granarbol is a considerably long stylus with narrow edges to write sharp on the capacitive screen of an iPad or iPhone. Its weight is 0.4 ounces. Most of them are made of Pom. The package has 2 replaceable tips which can be manually replaced. Its 1.15 hours of charging helps to stand by 20 hours of continuous usage or 365 days.


These are the best Fine tip stylus pens for iPad. I hope this article helps you to choose the best stylus pen according to your preferences. And if you find this post useful then share it with your friends via Twitter or Facebook. Thank you and keep supporting iphonetopics.com.

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