12 Best Fine Tip iPad Stylus for Writing & Note Taking

iPad stylus with broad round point tip was used to write and sketch. When high resolution screen arrived with remarkable improvement, there was a need for best fine tip iPad stylus. Fine tip stylus are used like a sharp pen, plotting points in a paper .These fine tip will not harm the glass screen. In this article best fine tip iPad stylus for writing and note taking available in the market are discussed.
1. Bamboo stylus fineline ($54.95)
Bbamboo stylus fineline for iPad
Bamboo stylus fineline is the product from Wacom company, which creates stylus and their supporting products. The tip plots about 1.9mm giving sharp fine sketches fast. The stylus used along with many apps (very useful for notes taking).
2. Adonit jot script iPad stylus ($74.95)
Adonit jot script iPad stylus
Adonit jot script iPad stylus is smooth fine tip stylus specifically designed for notes making. The pixel point of the tip plots about 2mm .It works with AAA battery and its battery life is based on the usage. Bluetooth 4.0 technology is used to connect with iPad.
3. Livescribe 3 iPad stylus ($149.95)
livescribe 3 stylus for iPad
Livescribe iPad stylus is not like other iPad stylus. It has unique features .It is a smart pen, which is not directly used to write in iPad. We always have an app to support the stylus to write. The speciality here is we can record an audio while typing and that is stored as link with that typed word. We can playback that audio by touching that word.
4. The Joy Factory ($49.95)
joy factory pinpoint stylus for iPad
The joy factory also known as pinpoint precision active stylus. The pixel point of the tip plots 2.4mm. The tip has a electromagnetic field around it to make us feel like fingering on the screen and also the tip made of plastic is flexible to write at even 165 degrees. The stylus weighs only 1.2 ounces. The battery used in it AAAA battery that lasts for about 4 weeks. There is a blue light to indicate that stylus is on and to save battery.
5. Cregle ink iPad stylus ($49)
Cregle ink iPad Stylus
Cregle is the company, which provides only selective products. The cregle ink iPad stylus is a simple and fine quality stylus. It has a battery which comes with 11 hours of backup. The package has two replaceable pen tips on every purchase.
6. The Friendly swede ($19.99)
friendly swede thin tip iPad stylus
The Friendly swede is considerable long stylus with narrow edges to write sharp in the capacitive screen of iPad or iPhone. The length of it is 7.3inches and weight is 1.6 ounces. Most of them are made of aluminium or steel. The package has replaceable tips which can be manually replaced, removable elastic tether strings and a microfiber cloth to clean the stylus.
7. GoSmart Freedom 300M ($24.95)
GoSmart Freedom 300M stylus
Gosmart Freedom has a special sleek design that gives comfort on holding it. There is a disc tip stylus for clear writing, spring tip stylus for smooth writing, omni directional tip to write in all direction. The letter M in the stylus denotes magnetic version absence of the letter is non magnetic version. The magnetic version provides magnetic field with the user to get a grip while writing.
8. SANOXY 2 in 1 stylus and inkpen ($29.99)
Sanoxy iPad Stylus
SANOXY 2 in 1 stylus has a ballpoint pen along with it, on giving a twist we can use a stylish pen. This is a good touch screen stylus. The tip gives slight pressure on the screen while writing, for smooth writing the tip is made of rubber. The package comes with the free cleaning cloth Elifestyle.
9. Adonit jot pro ($29.99)
adonit jot pro iPad stylus
Adonit jot pro is specific for capacitive touchscreen iPhone or iPad. There is an disc tip, that gives a fine writing. Adonit jot pro has a magnetic link with the user. They are made of steel and aluminium along with rubber grip to hold it easier.
10. Musemee notier V2 stylus ($23.99)
musemee notier v2 iPad stylus
Musemee notier V2 stylus has a very fine dic tip .The special tip of the stylus has a high conductive capacity so that the sensitivity with the screen is high. The quality of writing is remarkable. The tip is also flexible so that we can write in all angels.
11. Bargain Depot ($45)
Bargain depot iPad stylus
Bargain Depot specially designed by conductive fibre hybrid technology. Unlike other stylus it provides durability of the screen and extra precision with its quality writing . It is made of aluminium and steel. The package comes with replaceable tip and elastic lanyards.
12. Friendly swede premium ($12.99)
friendly swede premium iPad stylus
The premium model comes with ultra slim tip which works best with all capacitive touchscreen devices. When we are need of fine slim tip stylus, this will be the good choice. As its earlier version, it is made of aluminium and steel .The package comes with easily replaceable two tips, a pair of removable elastic tether strings and a cloth for cleaning.

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