3 Best HomePod Alternatives You Must Know

As you all know that Apple has postponed the launch of HomePod nowadays. But still, you have a chance to enjoy the same awesome features that the HomePod Provides you with the help of some best alternatives. Here, I gonna share you the best alternatives for HomePod so that you can enjoy your Holiday Season without HomePod. Come let’s check out those alternatives.

Google Home

google home
Google Home speaker is highly trusted speaker among other speakers to play Music sound clearly. At the top of the Home feature, you can find a touch capacitY control panel. With that feature, you can adjust the volume of the speaker and even you can playback with simple gestures. Google Home also supports Bluetooth Connectivity so that you can play Apple Music from your iPhone. This speaker supports to keep track of your calendar events, set reminders, and even you can contact your friends and family too. Google announced multiple updates to Google home’s functionality and it supports hands-free calling, letting users make calls for free who live in America or Canada

Amazon Echo Plus

amazon echo plus
Amazon Echo Plus is one of the most popular speakers entered in the market recently. This speaker acts as a tough competitor to other speakers and it comes up with 360-degree audio and seven Microphones. This speaker supports Bluetooth connectivity functions and the perfect quality of sound helps you listen to the Apple Music endlessly through a supported device. The built-in connected home hub facilitates in connecting to your smartphone home gadgets too. This speaker is considered as an attractive alternative with a lower price.

Sonos One

sonos one
Sonos One helps to play the Music track endlessly without any interruptions. Some of the users suggested that Sonos One works almost better than other apps on your iPhone and iPad. The smart speaker with its own version works with Alexa. It works everything with Alexa like checking weather condition, news reading intimates what you are doing today. The fine tuning function of this speaker works in its surrounding environment. The adjusting feature of this speaker gives you the best possible sound.
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Hope this article helps you to choose the best alternatives. If you find this article as useful, kindly share your experience with me through your comments below. Thank You…

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