7 Best GTD Apps for your iPhone 2020- You Must Know

The word GTD signifies “Getting Things Done”. This GTD is a personal productivity methodology designed and written about by David Allen. It is the system for coordinating your tasks, schedule, and priorities.  GTD can be described by the system in five steps.
That is,

  • Collecting (all your ideas, projects and tasks)
  • Processing (putting the item on the appropriate list)
  • Organizing (identifying next action and the context)
  • Reviewing
  • Doing

Principles for a Best GTD app

  • Sync is considered as one of the must option through which one can get information faster and keep it available on all the devices
  • Easy input
  • Organizable
  • Work offline when there is no data connectivity

Best GTD Apps for iPhone

omnifocus iphoneIt is an effective and costly application for GTD users. This application has detailed list-making features that cover the daily task to long-lasting projects. There is the potions like tagging items time, location, and context. Audio and photos can be included in any task to remind you the task. The Notification Center widget helps to get will let you know the tasks of your current day.

This application is designed for both iPhone and iPad. One can produce multiple lists and tasks. To those listed tasks, one can add notes for context. These tasks can be added to email and every included item syncs with Wunderlist servers. It is available on all platform including web.

things iphone
Things is an application designed for the both iPhone and iPad and it is only available in the App Store for iOS devices. The third version comes with advanced planning options. There is a Magic Button that helps to add a new task to the list. One can drag and drop any item to move it. Swiping right will help to add a date and swiping left will help to point a task complete. There is an import button that allows the practitioner to import the lists from other application like Wunderlist.

Toodledo is the application designed for iPhone and iPad. This application is available in the App store for iOS devices.  It is an effective tool for productivity, organizing to-do lists and notes. Through this application, one can create outlines for projects. The Habits section allows the practitioner to create a list of everyday tasks.

This Asana is just capable of doing all the basic chores to big projects. It is web-based and also provides a mobile counterpart. The great benefit of using Asana is that comments can be shared on tasks. No need to send emails since every discussion about a task can be traced in this comments section.

Remember the milk
This application will be helpful to remind the tasks or to send emails, messages. It syncs with RememberTheMilk com and it offers put notifications, smart lists, task prioritization, and also other features. There is no need use the app to enter an item list. The user will get a different email address that can be used to send yourself a message and automatically it will be added to your list.

Evernote helps to write quick notes and will allow you view them on any device. This application is created for both iPad and iPhone. The items that you have included in this application will be synced between your iPad, phone, and computer automatically.
I hope this article will be helpful for the people who just want to manage their busy day using the best GTD apps. Now you can let us know your suggestion via comments.

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