12 Best GPS Apps for iPhone and iPad (Drivers)

When we are traveling either for a professional reason or on a tour, we may have to explore places. iPhone and iPad users are guided with the exact direction and point where they want to reach with the help of the GPS apps. Using this apps,we can save our time, visit more number of places ,find alternates for a stay and food. Most of these app are free and they have free map updates, live traffic and lane assistance. iPhone and iPad GPS apps are in more numbers, this post can suggest the best out of it.
iPhone GPS apps
1. Google Maps (free)
Google Maps
Google map gives driving, biking, transit and walking directions along with voice guided turn by turn navigation .Both satellite and traditional mapping view available. We can select different routes if we wish alternate option. This app also provide information about restaurants. We can view 360 degree view of the places all around the world. It gives information about over 220 countries all over the world.
2. Apple Map (free)
Apple map is the inbuilt app it gives information linking with other app on selection. It also works and gives update when screen is locked. If you wish to use transit, biking or other directions it directs us to other app .This app is perfect when our navigation request is minimumal.
3. Waze (free)
Waze is brought by google, a navigation app that keeps link with friends and family on travel. This app is crowdsourced, that is they get information from the users and provides real time information about quick routes. We can have friends using Waze to be connected by adding them. We can find the information about the arrival time of our friend if we are towards the same place. It also helps us to finding nearest gas station.
4.Scout (free)
 Scout GPS
Scout is a GPS app for iPhone and iPad, designed mainly for social gatherings. This app has the chat function and an event creator to share particular route map and invite friends to that location. There are many features that supports to daily communicate with friends. This app provides a personalised navigation on the iPhone. It also supports voice guided,t urn by turn navigation, track traffic data and recent trip tracking.
5. Sygic (free)
Sygic app allows us to download free maps of over 100 countries and we can use those maps in offline. With this app we get free map updates, route planning guidance. We can purchase any route map in app purchase .There is a voice guided navigation, lane guidance and even speed limit warning are given. All maps are powered by TomTom, to work in offline with the downloaded maps.
6. Copilot (free)
CoPilot Live Premium
Copilot is a trip oriented app mainly designed for areas without wireless connection. It allows offline navigation but we have alternate routes and casual route in the map .It has walking mode to locate strange places.
7. Magellan Roadmate ($44.99 for USA and Canada) ($34.99 for USA only). Also try separate GPS navigator
Magellan RoadMate
Magellan Roadmate offers view of 3D buildings, text appears to denote each road or street and lane assistance.We also get fixed speed camera alerts. This app allows us to control the music. Multiple voice options, lifetime traffic and maps and local search features available. The added features in the app includes perfect parking location, easy to read map graphics, Multi task, we can even use other while using it. They do have multi language support.
8. TomTom U.S.& Canada ($45.99 for U.S. & Canada) ($24.99 only for U.S)
TomTom for iPhone
TomTom is a best GPS app for iPhone with daily map updates of over 20 million maps available. Free for lifetime, we can update 4 times in a year .Both 2D and 3D views available. Multi tasking, we can work on other app while using it. When we buy TomTom offline map we get updates free. It gives information about IQ routes and multi-stop routing.
9. Garmin U.S.A ($49.99)
Garmin USA
Garmin locates the place with buildings ,signals. This app gives geographical map of our current location with longitudinal and latitudinal information. The map is in 3D view. We can also share information about location in social media networks. The app also gives offline map with 3d Landmarks, lane assist feature and speed limit alerts. We can also create routes with multiple stops.
10. MotionX GPS drive ($0.99)
MotionX GPS Drive
 MotionX GPS drive is a best GPS app for iPhone and iPad. We have offline use of route maps here. This app updates its map frequently. Traffic based and multi stop routing is possible. The information about speed limit is also defined. This app can be associated with social media networks.
11. MapQuest (Free)
MapQuest app is a GPS app for iPhone and iPad that helps to find directions and voice guided navigation support is also available. Find me, Auto-Reroute are some of its features. When this app is used, every 5 minutes Map is updated.
12. GPS Direction (Free)
GPS direction
The app can be used both offline and online with the maps received on request. It is powered by openstreet map. The reality navigation is the main advantage of the app that comes free.We can also share the route map with friends. Best app for outdoors. We can avoid traffic with this app.

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