5 Best External Hard Drives for MacBook

As you all know Macbook contains high internal space but, some people who are in business they need more space to store their dealings. So they need external hard drives for storing the data, personal information and some important documents and files. External hard drives are not only useful for the storage process and also helps to transfer the files from one location to another. Here I gonna share you the best external hard drives for Macbook.
1.Maxtor M3 Portable External Hard Drive($88.88)maxtor-hard-drive

  1. Maxtor M3 is the portable external hard drive for Mac.
  2. It has the capacity of storing 4TB of data and it supports the Windows 10/8/7/Vista and Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later.
  3. This device is supplied with the Mac Software.
  4. It helps to Auto Backup for drive backups, Secure Drive for drive security and has the secretZone for data encryption.
  5. Durable black design and safety key protection for your data.
  6. It works with the temperature up to 5° to 40°C, and you can store under the temperature up to the range –20° to 65°C.

Overall, it was the best and portable hard drive for your Mac.
2.WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo($259.99)wd-mybook-hard-drive

  1. WD My Book Duo desktop RAID external hard drive specially designed for Macbook.
  2. It has the capacity of storing the data up to 16TB.
  3. It gives you more speed for your drive and protects your data more efficiently.
  4. It operates or works as the two independent drives.
  5. High capacity external storage and backup the data.
  6. It is Ultrafast and helps to transfer the data is very easily also protect your data with multiple backup options.
  7. It is a very connective device, it provides with 2 channels of up to 10GB/sec transfer rate.
  8. It is a very secure drive because you can provide with password protection and encryption capacities.

By overviewing this hard drive, it was the best for your Mac because of great technology and good storage capacity.
3.LaCie Rugged Mini($69.94)lacie-hard-drive

  1. LaCie Rugged Mini is the best hard drive for Mac which comes under three different sizes 1TB, 2TB, 3TB.
  2. It can drop up to 4 feet, dust, and water resistant for all the terrain use.
  3. It helps to protect your data by giving the required password which only knows to you.
  4. It has the USB 3.0/ USB 2.0 but USB 3.0 is much faster than the USB 2.0.
  5. It is tested to resist a drop of 1.2m and a crush of a 1tn car.
  6. Its size is very much compatible with other devices.

Overall advantage is good to use and easy to transport by means of its size.
4.Apple AirPort Time Capsule($219.99)apple-hard-drive

  1. Apple AirPort Time Capsule is a certified product, which is tested and certified to work and its impressive look.
  2. It has the capacity to store the data up to 2TB and also for transferring the data.
  3. It is more expensive than the other hard drives.
  4. It has the Time Capsule so that, it helps to work like Time Machine on OS X and it will automatically detectable by the Mac.
  5. It is fully featured with Wi-Fi base station with the latest 802.11 ac technology and helps to disperse your Wi-Fi signal.
  6. Easily setup for iOS and OS X.

5.Seagate Seven($116.15)seagate-hard-drive

  1. Seagate Seven is the smallest storage devices in hard drives which contains the storage space of 500GB.
  2. It is more elegant and rugged with a stainless steel case.
  3. This includes Seagate’s Dashboard software, which helps to backup photos and uploads them later in social networks.
  4. It contains the branded USB 3.0 to a micro USB-B cable that helps to transfer the data very speed.
  5. Automatic backup software for computers, Mac and mobile devices.
  6. You need not have to supply the power just grab it and go.

However it’s storage size is poor, it is a good and portable hard drive for Mac.

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