14 Best Diabetes apps for iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad users are familiar with many healthy apps. Diabetics is one of the health issue which affects sugar level in blood and causes problems with the functioning of other parts of the body. Any diabetes person with iOS device can select diabetes app available for iPhone and iPad that checks the sugar and glucose level of the body daily. Here we are going to discuss some best diabetes apps for iPhone and iPad.
1.  Diabetes in Check (free) (CurrentlyNotAvailable)Diabetes in check app for iphone ipadDiabetes in check app is a iPhone and iPad app to check diabetes based tests and suggest food intake. If we are a diabetic patient it has a journal which has the blood glucose, fitness and nutrition based reports on daily base and give the progress as a chart. The health based suggestions from the app is very useful to get progress in health.
2. Diabetes Pilot Pro($24.99)
Diabetes Pilot_Pro app for iphone ipadDiabetics Pilot is a app for diabetic check in iPhone and iPad which works like a social networking. We can use this app like we use other social network. We can share health tips and learn from other fellow diabetic patients even doctors can share with their patients through this app.
3. Diabetic Connect (free)Diabetic Connect app for iphone ipadDiabetic connect is an app that is free for iPhone and iPad and can help maintain diabetic by connecting with people. We can share tips learn from fellow patients regarding health issues. This app is also one among the best diabetic app available.
4. Glooko (free)Glooko app for iphone ipadGlooko is a free app to maintain diabetes that can be used with iPhone and iPad. The app has a remarkable feature that we can directly upload glucose reading from the meter into the app and can save the several data backup records. Using the records over a period of time we can track our health goals and also doctors can use those records for further diagnosis.
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5. Glucose Buddy (free)Glucose Buddy app for iphone ipadGlucose Buddy is another free app for diabetes in iPhone and iPad is rated as the best diabetic app that suggests healthy tips for diabetic patients to maintain their blood glucose and blood sugar. The app has become best app for those who use diabetic apps.
6. Diabetes Pacer : Glucose Diary (CurrentlyNotAvailable)Diabetes Pacer app for iphone ipadDiabetes Pacer is a diabetes app for iPhone and iPad has a user friendly interface and can help in keeping our daily health update in the diary format. The app also count each step we keep counting them like a pedometer. It watch us all through the day and help us maintain our sugar level.
7. DiabetikDiabetik app for iphone ipadDiabetik app is a diabetes app for iPhone and iPad has got best review and rating. The app has a support to interactive graph that helps us check the sugar level and has reminder that reminds us with location based suggestions for better health in diabetes issues. We can also print or send data from the app. It has journals to record blood glucose deviations and other details and reminders to remind about healthy steps to be taken.
8. MySugr Diabetes Logbook (free)mySugr Diabetes Logbook app for iphone ipadMySugr Diabetes Logbook is a diabetic maintenance app that comes free for iPhone and iPad has user friendly interface with colours. We can create monthly reports from our daily records for diet and exercise and share it with doctors. The report generated out of month will suggest us for next visit to doctor.
9. Crabs & Cals($4.99)Crabs Cals app for iphone ipadCrabs & Cals or photo app cause is a diabetes app for iPhone and iPad that has photos of about 3500 food and drink items along with their carbs and calorie details. The app helps us in weight loss, carb counting, calorie counting and general food list that supports health. The app is compatible for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.
10. Diabetic 360($4.99)Diabetes 360 app for iphone ipadDiabetic 360 is an app to support diabetic patients which is compatible with iOS 7 and later iOS device. The app gives lot of solution for diabetic patients under all ages. It also has scale option to measure insulin.
11. Weight Loss Coach by Fooducate (free)Weight Loss Coach by Fooducate app for iphone ipapWeight Loss Coach by Fooducate is a diabetes maintenance app that comes free for iPhone and iPad which also considers weight loss. We can record food taken details from which the effect in weight loss and diabetic maintenance can be noted. The allergic effect, dietary restrictions and health conditions are identified with the apps evaluation.
12. Calorie Counter PRO ($3.99)Calorie Counter Pro app for iphone ipadCalorie Counter Pro is a app for diabetes check in iPhone and iPad that comes $3.99. The app can support weight loss along with diabetes control. We can add daily notes in the app and calculate chart to find the daily progress. This app is concerned with measurements in body along with weight loss.
13. Blue Loop (free)BlueLoop app for iphone ipadBlue Loop is a free diabetes app for iPhone and iPad that best suits for children with diabetes and it suggests with proper diet. We can also share about food, insulin dosage and blood sugar level and connect people with health updates. The app also allows us to send text messages.
14. Carb Counting with Lenny (free)Carb Counting with Lenny app for iphone ipadCarb Counting with Lenny is free diabetes maintaining app that is compatible with iPhone and iPad. The app is designed to be used by the children and has games to play with each other. It helps children know their healthy food chart with instructions about carbohydrates and other health counts. It also help them speed up their healthy chart progress.

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