7 Best Compass App for iPhone and iPad

iPhone users are not away from anything that would help out in travel. Compass is something that would help out in trucking or places that are strange to us. There are some of the best compass app to support us. These apps teach us to navigate directions around the world. Some apps that have really good features are shortlisted.

1.Compass for 3G (Free)iphone app Compass for 3GCompass for 3G is a compass app with three buttons to set time when we are walking or driving. We have option called map to place pin or to check traffic in a place. The feature also includes Google map button to see our position in map along with start, stop function. Though it takes time to update the app seems to be good when we walk in straight line.

2. City Compass (Free)city compass app for iphoneCity Compass is an compass app that shows cities in our surroundings and the distance to reach there is also calculated. The speciality of the app is it can even work with 2G and 3G phones and can show even small towns that cannot been seen in Google map app too.

3. CheckIt (0.99)checkit app for iphoneCheckIt is an app that guide us to control speed in driving, along with ordinary compass feature it also act as speedometer. It also scales GPS feature to get the speed limit of the road we are travelling and alert us in controlling our speed. It includes all the basic features of a compass app.

4. Compass 54 Pro ($0.99)compass 54 pro app for iphoneCompass 54 Pro not only an app for showing navigational and compass direction it also combines weather information about the location. The app also includes direction, altitude, course, speed and weather information based on Celsius, fahrenheit, current temperature, humidity, pressure along with basics of a compass app. The app is the best companion when we are in travel to strange place.

5. Compass App (Free)compass app for iphoneAmong the free compass app this app allows us to customize the face of the compass using the pictures from gallery or take a perfect picture for compass app. The app has all the basic features that a compass app must have.

6. Digital Compass Free (Free)digital compass app for iphoneAs the name implies, digital compass app has a digital display. The app has both features like compass and GPS. The compass has digital feature that makes easily understandable than standard compass.

7. Commander Compass Lite (Free)Commander Compass Lite app for iphoneCommander Compass Lite, a compass app for iPhone and iPad not only serve as a high technology compass app it also has tools for maps, gyrocompass, GPS receiver, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, sun, moon, star finder, gyro horizon and coordinate converter. We can customize places to navigate them, show maps, display of detailed GPS information, measure distances and angles. The app has a toolkit that would help in any navigation and direction based questions. Its features include advanced calibrated compass, stylish maps, including customization.

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