5 Best Free Online Backup For Mac 2018

Nowadays plenty of Web services offer reasonable online services for your Mac. With the help of these services, you can access and restore your data from anywhere in the world. The only thing you should consider while doing a backup is that make sure to set a secure password. Protect your data with flexible, fast cloud backup and recovery. Here, I gonna share you the best backup online services so that you can make use of it.


backblazeBackblaze is considered as the best online backup service for its amazing features like unlimited storage, excellent performance, reasonable price etc…,  It is simple to use and there is no need of worrying about how much data is syncing because it gives you unlimited space. Instead of providing a separate app to adjust settings, Backblaze can be figured out directly from the “System Preferences”.This service provides security to your data. However, if you are in need highest security for your backups, Backblaze offers Zero-Knowledge security too.


dropboxDropbox is the simple and experienced online backup service which is suitable for both consumers and small businesses. This backup service comes with exciting features like flexible storage, file sharing, version history, file recovery, and security features etc.., With this service, anything you drop in a particular folder and you want to sync with Dropbox is possible through Dropbox website.It helps in accessing everything in a single space. Moreover, Dropbox is the best sharing and storage solution for your business.


livedriveLivedrive is the most popular online backup service which automatically backups your files and it enables you to backup photos from both iOS and Android devices. As it ensures Military grade security to your files there is no chance of misusing it. Livedrive gives you instant access to your backup files. With this service, you can download files, view photos and stream music and videos at any time. This service is most useful to the home users, small business/enterprises all over the world.

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mozyMozy is the best online backup for users who wanna keep their documents, music, photos and digital property as safe. As it is simple to use, more users make use of this service as a better choice for them. Mozy offers simple, automatic, and gives secure backup to your data  As like Backblaze, it backups any drives which are connected to USB or Firewire. However, to my study Mozy is a bit similar to Backblaze in certain features.


crashplanCrashPlan is a well-designed program and cloud service that performs its function as a data storage application. It is mostly interested in the users who are doing non-business. It offers you the option to keep the deleted files indefinitely. CrashPlan delivers multi-destination protection that maximizes convenience, flexibility and rapid restores of your data.

Final Verdict

Backing up your data locally is important but if something happens like a fire, theft, or a flood all your data and backups will be deleted so it is better to prefer online backup services because they keep your data safe and secure even after a week.
With the above online backup services, choose the best one for your Mac and try to access it. If you think this article as useful kindly share your experience with me through your comments below.

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