5 Best Calculator Apps for iPad & iPhone 2020

We can’t bring the calculator wherever we go. Sometimes we use the calculator that is on our mobile. But we have only a standard calculator on our mobile. With that calculator, we can’t solve the scientific calculations. Don’t worry. There are some calculator apps which combine a standard and a scientific calculator. Here I am going to tell you the 5 best calculator apps for iPhone and iPad

1.Calculator HD Pro Lite (Free)Calculator HD Pro Lite
Calculator HD Pro Lite is the best calculator app for iPhone & iPad. It has a dual-line display. so you can see the input and output at the sometime. This pp comes with 9 color display. This app also supports 3D touch. You can give multiline input for long equations. It  has 6 layouts: 3 Portrait and 3 Landscape. Just swipe anywhere on the screen to clear and swipe left to backspace. To get basic and scientific keys swipe right or left on the keypad.
Calculator HD Pro Lite is available in over 10 languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, etc. Your device needs iOS 8.1 or later versions to use this app.
2. PCalc – The Best Calculator ($9.99)PCalc The Best Calculator
PCalc is the best choice for students, engineers, programmers, scientists, and the people who are looking for a feature rich calculator. This app is also compatible with Apple Watch. So now calculate everything on your wrist. This app comes with a choice of button layouts, an optional RPN mode & multi-line display, a paper tape, an extensive set of unit conversions & consonants, engineering & scientific notation, and multiple undo & redo.
PCalc is available only in English language. This apps needs iOS 8.0 or later versions.
3. Calculator + (Free)Calculator + Scientific Calculator
Calculator + is the award winning scientific calculator app for iPhone & iPad. This app developed with usability, simplicity, and beauty in mind. No ads will be displayed while using the app. Because it is a ad-free one. You can see the input and the result at the same time on the display. This app has intuitive and elegant interface. This app supports percentage and fraction in the calculation. Now you can use this app on your Apple Watch. It is the handwriting calculator. With this app, you can use many scientific functions.
Calculator + is available in over 35 languages such as English, Danish, Arabic, Malay, Korean, etc. Your device needs iOS 7.0 or later versions to use this app
4. The calculator (Free)The calculator calculator app
The Calculator app combines the standard (basic) and the scientific calculator. This is the most feature-rich calculator.this calculator comes with the basic, mathematical, and scientific calculation buttons. This app has 70+ wonderful themes. It supports division, percentages, addition, multiplication, and subtraction. It also supports Binary Logarithm, Common Logarithm, and Natural Logarithm. It lets you edit both operators and digits of current equation. This app comes with the build-in currency converter.
The calculator app needs iOS 8.0 or later versions. This app is available in over 10 languages such as English, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Italian, etc.
5. Calculator HD (Free)Calculator HD
Calculator HD is a simple and scientific calculator app that comes with big buttons for daily calculations. This calculator is very fast, beautiful, and accurate. It combines the standard and scientific calculator with easy and extensive functionality. This app comes with split and quick equation view. It includes so many mathematical operations such as engineering, Exponent, Square root, Sine, Tane, Cosine, Power of two, Power of ten, etc. If you use this app once, you will never go for an another one.
This app is available in over 15 languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, etc. This app supports iOS 9.0 or later versions.

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