7 Best Apple Watch Waterproof Cases

Every time when we buy any electronic devices we have to buy some additional accessories to protect them. It became must to invest money on protection cases and if we fail then we have to pay more money for repairing our device. In that case, today i am going to list some protecting cases that will be useful for Apple Watches. So in this post, i made reviews on Apple Water Proof Watch cases.
Till now apple has not launched the official water proof case, when have to choose the other branded case.
1.Spigen Tough Armor Apple Watch case: ($16)
Spigen Tough Armor Apple Watch case

  1. It produce rugged and strong look.
  2. It has metal button to protect the button under the digital crown.
  3. It has built-in screen to protect the watch’s screen.
  4. It is available in champagne gold, tangerine and gunmetal finishes.
  5. It is also shock resistant.


  • Retains good strength and strong.
  • It is shock resistant.
  • It has built-in screen protector.
  • It is cheap to buy than other cases.


  • It covers the whole watch and give you bulk feeling.
  • Only limited colours are available.

2. Speck CandyShell FIT Apple Watch Case($19.99)
Speck CandyShell FIT Apple Watch Case

  1. It has dual layer protection for your Apple watch.
  2. It is available for both 38mm and 42mm sizes.
  3. It is highly recommend for people who make heavy work like Rock climbing
  4. and cross-fit.
  5. It is designed to suite people who want to take off and put on the cases.


  • It has various stylish colour options.
  • It works against sweat and sunscreen.
  • It comes with dual layer protection for the screen.
  • It provides full bezel protection.


  • It produces bulk look to the watch.
  • The colour potion covers the overall real design of the watch.

3. Monoy Ultra-Thin Apple Watch Case($8.99)
Monoy Ultra-Thin Apple Watch Case

  1. From the name it is very thin to use.
  2. It is available in both semi-transparent and semi-translucent form.
  3. It is good choice for small investment for your watch.
  4. It has different colour option like crystal clear, crystal blue and crystal pink.


  • It is very thin, so it will not give you bulk look.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It gives you multi-colour option.


  • It is not rugged enough as it is thin.
  • It may not be appetizing for you as it is translucent.

4. LUVVITT Cristal Apple Watch Case ($9)
LUVVITT Cristal Apple Watch Case

  1. It comes with two screen protectors
  2. It is made up of scratch resistant material.
  3. It is available in crystal clear form.


  • It is inexpensive.
  • It is available in crystal clear form.
  • It is scratch resistant.


  • If you wish to buy a bright colour case for your watch then it is not a better
  • choice.
  • As case get aged, yellowing may occur.

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5. JETech Apple Watch Protective Case for Apple Watch Sport Edition ($8.99)
JETech Apple Watch Protective Case

  1. It will be best suited for those who don’t have more money to spend for their
  2. apple watch.
  3. It is available in black, blue and also in crystal clear.


  • It is very inexpensive.
  • It comes with covered button.
  • It looks very slim from its design.


  • It has only limited colour option.
  • It does not retains it’s strength for long run.

6. SUPCASE [Unicorn Beetle Pro] ($12.99)
SUPCASE [Unicorn Beetle Pro] apple watch case

  1. It has precise cuts that elegantly fit your watch.
  2. It has advanced dual layer design.
  3. It has rugged look to provide ultimate design.


  • It retains very strong feel.
  • It has dual layer protection to protect the screen.
  • It gives access to buttons, sensors easily.


  • It gives bulk look to your watch.
  • It has only limited colour option.

7. Apple Watch Case, i-Blason TPU Cases [5 Color Combination Pack] for
Apple Watch ($13.98)
Apple Watch Case, i-Blason TPU Cases

  1. It has front raised edges to protect your screen.
  2. It is very flexible as it is made up of premium TPU material
  3. It has five colour combination packs.


  • It has different colour combination for stylish look.
  • It has reasonable price.
  • It is flexible to use.


  • It bulk look for your watch screen.
  • Though it has colour option, it is only available for screen.
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4 responses to 7 Best Apple Watch Waterproof Cases

I like how your article is on waterproof cases for the Apple Watch yet not one of theses cases are waterproof learn how to do some simple research

Have you looked at the Catalyst case? They have two versions for both the 38mm and the 42mm. The first is waterproof to 165ft/50m (5ATM) and the other to 330ft/100m (15ATM). To my knowledge, it is the only truly waterproof case on the market currently. They have tremendous reviews, stand behind their product 100% and have great customer service.
The Lunatik H2O is also waterproof to 165ft/50m (5ATM), but I haven't seen much on it. Their website is down so contact is through FB only. I noticed that their seem to be back ordered, which is frustrating many of their customers. Communication seems ok. Not sure I want to take a chance on them from what I've read.
Not sure what else is out there that is waterproof, but the one's in the article definitely aren't.

I bought the Spigen Tough Armor Apple Watch case because of this article, I should've read the comments. It looks ok, and protects from bumps, but I need it to be waterproof because i wash my hands up to my elbows at work (the hospital) and I tested it here at home…oh…my…God. So much soap and water got under the screen protector instantly that the water activated the stop watch button and rendered the screen unresponsive (because the water was touching the screen). I am so upset I wasted money on this. Do not purchase if you intend to practice good hand hygiene.

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