5 Best Apple Watch Power Banks (portable)

1.BLOC portable power bank for Apple watch($60-$100) (Currently Not Available)

BLOC Apple Watch Power Bank


BLOC portable power bank for Apple watch comes with 2000mAh lithium polymer battery that is capable of charging iWatch four full battery recharges. The product has ultra slim 10mm design that is portable with desk card free and computers port free. The product is available in seven solid materials gold, marble, rose gold, silver aluminum, space gray aluminium, stainless steel and Wood.
2. Nomad pod Portable power bank for Apple watch($59.95)
Nomad Pod Apple Watch Power Bank
Nomad pod is a portable power bank for Apple watch that is small in size but can provide four full time charge to our iWatch with its 1800mAh lithium polymer battery. The product can hold cable while we are charging thus giving dual support. This product can charge any USB port electronic device by placing in its integrated type A Port. We can lift top and see battery and USB port where we can insert our watch USB. The excess cable can be wrapped around the pod and closed. The Apple watch can be placed on the top to charge in any angle.
3. Reserve strap portable power bank for Apple watch ($249.99)
Reserve Strap Apple Watch BandReserve strap portable power bank for Apple watch is the only iWatch strap that charges when it is tied in wrist. The power bank  is made of silicon band with embedded lithium polymer cells and inductive charging place between watch and wrist. Apple watches with all its best features has a battery which drains fast, the product that solves this problem best is reserve strap.
4. Wipowerband portable power bank for Apple watch ($99-42mm,$89-38mm) (Currently Not Available)
wipowerband Apple Watch Battery Band
WiPowerband portable power bank for Apple watch is made of high density polypropylene plastic core silicon rubber skin along with 250mAh of lithium polymer rechargeable battery. The power bank weighs 20g gives complete power and protection with wire free charging technique. The product comes with five different colors namely, white, black, blue, orange and Pink.
5. Griffin’s Travel power bank for Apple watch($69.99) (Currently Not Available)
griffin apple watch travel power bank 780x400
Griffin’s Travel power bank is a tiny portable battery is a significant product of the company after CES 2016. It has a compact all in one battery and charging cable that charges Apple watch four times better than its need. The product is tiny like a keychain but it is more powerful alternative for our chargers.

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