5 Best Apple Watch Travel Apps 2020

Apple Watch user..? If you are someone like me who loves traveling around…? Then, I am sure that this article will be helpful to you. When we think of traveling, the next thing which strikes in our mind is the destination point and the communication problem. Without communication, nothing is possible nowadays. It is difficult to understand /speak the other languages. Here, I gonna share you the best Travel Apps for your Apple Watch so that you can hope for better and beautiful journey.


Citymapper app is the best app for the person who loves to travel alone. As this app acts as a digital guide on your wrist, you can also plan to travel anywhere on any modes of transit. The most important thing you should consider before using this app is that to make sure that your GPS is enabled and it works on the internet data service. Once you arrive your destination, the watch will tap your wrist to indicate that you have reached your destination.

App in the Air

app in the air
This app is useful to the person who travels in flight. The App in the Air app works as like your personal companion and it offers you the detailed information about your destination, the airport tips, in-airport navigation maps, and flight profile etc.., The main feature of this app is that you can use this app for offline. This app also sends you SMS alerts on every update without incurring any roaming charges.


Babbel is the best app for the persons who love traveling anytime and anywhere without any intentions. This app is available in different languages like Dutch, Indonesian, Danish, Norwegian, Turkish, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Russian, English, German, French and Spanish etc.., With the help of this app, you can understand the language of your favorite locations too.


TripAdvisor app is the best app for the travelers who love to travel often. This app indicates where you are and it also specifies certain things like time of the day, weather condition etc…, This app also includes the reviews of the travelers, ratings, and photos of hotels, restaurant, and attractions of the places as well.


Foursquare app is the best app which provides useful information to the travelers who travels around. Once you reach your destination, certain things you should consider as important such as like the best food joints, bars, shopping places which are in and around the city. If you are in a particular location, this app will show you the best places which are nearby your location. While using this app what you wanna do is… to tell this app your likes and wants.
Hope this article will act as a perfect guide to choose the best travel apps for your Apple Watch. Is it so…? If yes is your answer, share your experience with me through your comments below.

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