8 Best Analytics Apps for iPhone

Analytics apps help to analyse or examine the data about websites.It gives the details about the visitors of the site and many more information, regarding a particular site to the webmaster. Analytics apps are suitable for ecommerce and other business activities that based online trading. Using these apps in iPhone gives us the report without the help of browser.
analytics apps for iPhone
Analytics Pro 2 ($4.99)
To get the statistical data of your own website you can install this analytics app on it. Analytical pro 2 has a user friendly list of report menu. There are 65 different reports grouped into 8 sections, name, summary, visitors, traffic sources, content, goals, E-commerce, App-tracking and social. It is secure and has google analytics support. Often used menus can be separately maintained as favourites. Reports that are shown graphically can also be copied as PDF files and text data.
Quicklytics for Google Analytics (free)
Quicklytics is a fast analytic app that works in seconds. It gives hourly report in chart and current status of the visitors can be seen real time. Reports can be filtered. We can customize time to analyse the progress of the site over certain time period. It is really easy to use this app.
Dashboard for Google Analytics (free)
Dashboard is an app that shows all data in a single window. It shows current visitors now, today, this week and this month. Even performance index, session, user, page view, total goal conversion all these details viewed based on a day, week and month.The graphical representation of history of users and history of total goal conversion are remarkable.
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Woopra (free)
Woopra is an app that supports real time analysis. It gives current users information. We can search for particular user using the current user or visitor list. It also create daily, weekly and monthly analytical reports.It helps to analysis track data of customer.
Hootsuite is an analytic app that is best suitable for social network management. We can manage social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram using this single app. We can use up to three social network using this app as a free app. It allow us to calculate the effect created by the social media campaign and the reach of the shared content. 
Flurry Stats ($0.99)
Flurry analytics is based on the data and it is mainly for app developer. The data here views, total number of unique users, usage of app and conversion between apps. Stats for flurry combine all flurry analytic with app .It allows us to view session data based on date number of session and their progress in graph are analysed. We can add company login with API access code.
Roambi Visualizer (frre)
Roambi visualizer is an app to visualize the data. The app generates a graphical representation of analytics data, such files are known as CSV file with extension .CSV. This app is free. It is useful for business. Company reports can be accessed and analyse the growth visually. Data from excel, docs file and SAP are accepted.
Google Analytics (free)
Google analytics app that is very user friendly. This app gives only the needful information as a analytic data. Information like total visitors, new visitors, total page views, unique page views, page view per visit or are the some reports generated commonly.

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Hi Arun,
We created a free Flurry Analytics app called Flurrylitics (http://www.flurrylitics.com).
We'd argue that it's the best client for Flurry out there and we are constantly improving it. Your readers might find it useful.
It supports events and event parameters, and allows you to view different aspects of your stats (History, Geography and Overview). You can find trend lines for your data and much more.
We would be extremely happy if you and your readers check it out and give us your feedback!

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