6 Best AirPods Leather Cases 2020

Every iPhone users have the problem of keeping their Airpods safe and secure. To get secure you need to use Airpods cases to cover it. As you all know, there are plenty of cases for securing the Airpods in the market. Basically, leather cases are better to use because it has a long life. Here I gonna tell you the best Airpods leather cases.

1. Twelve South AirSnap ($29.99)twelve-south-airsnap
Twelve south AirSnap is specially designed for securing your Airpods and from dust. It is a full grain leather case designed to protect Airpods and charging cases. That incorporated clip will keep your Airpods attached to the bag or backpack. It helps to secure snap closure that keeps Airpods protected when on the go. The bottom of the leather case is cut-out so that it is more convenient for charging.
2. Tainada ($15.99)tainada-leather-case
Tainada is a perfect leather case for securing your Airpods and charging case. It is made up of an elegant and classic design with precise open ports for charging and lightning button. You need not take the Airpods out of the leather case while charging. Multifunctional carabiner and hook will help you to carry it on the backpack, bag, or belt loop. Lightweight and compact one and helps to secure your Airpods from dust, scratches, and bumps.
3. Meanlove ($9.99)meanlove-leather-case
MeanLove is the best leather case for your Airpods. It is very helpful in outdoor and also it is a good decoration choice. It is made up of premium lightweight genuine leather and soft interior fiber to protect your Airpods from dust and scratches. This case will fit for the Airpods tightly without having any space inside. Bottom of this leather case is cutout to charge your Airpods more conveniently without taking the Airpods out.
4. Lunies ($9.99)lunies-leather-case
Lunies is the best leather case for your Airpods. It is made up of lightweight leather and thickness is very high to safeguard the Airpods. Precise cut-out at the bottom of the leather case for the lightning port for charge your Airpods efficiently without taking it out. It protects your Airpods from dust and scratches. You need not worry about the Airpods because it is very secure and slim way to carry the Airpods.
5. MRPLUM ($12.89)mrpllum-leather-case

MRPLUM is a Airpod leather case made from natural cowhide leather. They created this product in different designs to keep the Airpods safe and secure. This case looks very elegant and luxurious and lightweight to take it anywhere. It also has the cut-out at the bottom to charge the Airpods easily without taking it out. If you find any problem with this product kindly contact with the main branch.
6. Fintie ($7.99)fintie-leather-case
Fintie leather case is exclusively designed for Apple Airpods. It is portable and easy for you to carry the leather case with the detachable carabiner. This leather case provides an elegant and luxurious look with durability. It helps to protect your Airpods and charging case from dirt and impacts. At the bottom of the case is cut-out for charging and lightning button so that you need not take the Airpods out. It has a magnetic buckle for easy opening and closing the case.

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