13 Best Barcode Scanner Apps for iPhone and iPad

In the technology improvement barcode scanners are available in almost every field and sector that includes commercial, industrial sector and official places like library too. The data obtained from the barcode scanner must be accurate, fast, cost effective and reliable. Mainly barcode scanner help business people to reduce mistakes, time and improve their supply chain data management. iPhone users are not away from barcode scanners here we discuss some of the barcode scanner app that are used in iPhone and iPad.
1.NeoReader(Free)NeoReader iphone ipad app

NeoReader is a barcode scanner app for iPhone and iPad is capable of scanning 1D and 2D Codes of all types. This app is a QR reader that acts fast reads the which type of code are given and assign new QR code and it also view WiFi, me Cards, vCards, email, history, etc. The app also combine with web browser.
2. Scanlife Barcode(Free)scanlife App for iPhoneScanlife Barcode is a scanner app for iPhone that can scan the QR code or barcode quickly and find the prices of that particular product. We can also create our own QR code using this barcode app. The app also helps in finding the product reviews, deals and discounts of the products that we are interested.
3. Shopsavvy (Free)Shop Savvy Barcode scanner iOS AppShopsavvy is a free barcode app for iPhone that helps in shopping by easily finding the price difference between online and retail price of the items we are looking for. The app also helps in displaying favourite list and share them and to check and display the price of the products in favourite and other products too. The  product details and review from customers about them can also be viewed here with this app.
4. Scanlifescanlife App for iPhoneScanlife is a barcode scanner app for iPhone that supports popular barcode formats such as QR, Datamatrix, EZ codes and others. It covers over 30 different online retailers. It scans the barcode for prices and content, find and compare prices online, make our own QR code for our details. The app also rewards us with Mpoints and discover others scanning details.
5. Pic2shoppic2shop App for iPhonePic2shop is a barcode scanner that is compatible with iPhones and iPads. We can also see the product information and reviews of customer with this app. By placing the camera at the products barcode we can compare the price difference between online and local retailers. We can place the redline seen on app on the barcode or QR Code to scan or otherwise enter all the digits printed below the main barcode to identify their actual price.
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6. Cardstarcardstar App for iPhoneCardstar is a barcode scanner app for iPhone that also stores our card info and also customer reviews. By using this app, we can avoid carrying wallet and keychain clutter because it stores all the details about loyalty, rewards and membership cards. It makes our shopping easy with options like find cards fast, All in one place, earn rewards, spend less and stay organized.
7. GoodReadsgoodreads App for iPhoneGoodReads is not only the barcode scanner of iOS devices it also allows us to read, discover, rate books and also recommend books for our friends. We have options to see what our friends are interested in reading, To keep track of books that have been read by us, read reviews and join groups. We can challenge ourselves to read more and get personalised book recommendations to be read.
8. Barcodas for iPhonebarcodas App for iPhoneBarcodas is a barcode scanner app for iPhone that creates music patterns for scanned EAN and UPC barcodes. It can scan any ean8/ean13 or upce/upca barcode and convert them in to musical patterns in a user scalable harmonic. The app supports iOS 8, allows saving and loading and creates new sounds.
9. Quick scan pro(Free)quick scan pro App for iPhoneQuick scan pro is a free scanner app for iPhone that reads UPC, EAN, ISBN and other commercial barcodes. The app also helps in searching price and product features and has LED light option when scanning. We can check for other buyers reviews, compare prices from more than 1000 retailers and local stores, buy online within the app and can scan create QR codes for contacts, links, events.
10. Amazon Appprice check barcode scanner App for iPhoneAmazon App is a iOS barcode scanner that allows to check the price with Amazon.com and also we can search for products by picture, voice and text. This app is specific and has price comparison online and review of the product.
11. Consumer barcode scanner (Currently Not Available)consumer App for iPhoneConsumer barcode scanner is a scanner app for iPhone which helps us to see products ratings, reviews and other information. We can scan product barcode with iPhone camera and filter them with tags and use Facebook for getting ideas.
12. Nxtnutrionxtnutrio App for iPhoneNxtnutrio is barcode scanner app for iPhone that can help in finding food label reading and decide healthy foods for our intake. We can avoid genetically modified foods and it is selected from Health Magazine March 2014 issue, as one of the “10 Awesome Health and Fitness Apps”. It includes options like scan a product barcode and see what is our food & how the ingredients can affect our health, allows us to personalise needs like avoiding certain allergens GLUTEN, GMO, MSG and other allergens. We can identify healthy foods and detect GMO to avoid then using this healthy app.
13. Shopwellshopwell app for ipad iphoneShopwell is a powerful barcode scanner app is another food product scanner. This app helps in finding the food to be avoided to maintain diet to support persons with food allergy. To shop for a fit diet from grocery shop this app will support by giving personal nutrition tips from health experts based on our health goals, allows us to rate our shopping based on health, it guide us based on our health goals to try for new healthier foods, alerts us on shopping when our product has allergens, always gives us healthy suggestion on our grocery purchase.

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