What does Apple warranty cover for Apple Watch?

Apple Watch has awesome build quality. But it might damaged because of the accidents including drops, dunks in water and scratches.

Apple already provided a list about what watch part cover under warranty.

If your Watch covered under warranty, you will get replacement or repairs depending on AppleCare+ purchase status.

Here’s the type of Watch accidents that are eligible under warranty

  • Crack under display or pixel problems
  • They only repairs back covers if they can’t find evidence of prying.
  • Heart rate sensor windows condensation.

Here’s the type of accidents that bring you to spend money on repairs

  • Missing or damaged digital crown cap
  • Extreme buttons or crown skin, puncture holes damage.
  • Cracks in the glass that exposing watch internals.
  • Back cover with evidence for the damage.
  • Removed or missing band release mechanisms.
  • Back cover cracks.

Types of damages is considered in a specified way as ineligible for servicing

  • disassembled or missing parts
  • Destroyed multiple pieces
  • 3rd party unauthorised modifications or using non-Apple parts.

Apple Watch damage samples

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