Apple Watch : Sunrise/Sunset App does not show time? fix

After setup Apple Watch, all other apps seem to work except Sunrise/Sunset app – app on all watch faces always stays empty displaying .
Solution 1: Turn on/off restrictions for location services
On your iPhone, navigate to Settings -> Restrictions -> Location Services -> Allow for changes. Allow your Watch to use location when in use. Then tap on “Do not allow changes” again.
Solution 2;- Forget network and turn off Bluetooth

  1. First forgot network and reconnect.
  2. Turn bluetooth off on your iPhone. And allow watch and phone work together over WiFi.
  3. If Sunset and sunrise showing, turn on bluetooth again.
  4. Thats all

Solution 3: Reset location and privacy

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset location and privacy.
  2. Then reset the watch
  3. It will ask you if you want to use location for watch face. Select yes.
  4. Then turn Bluetooth off on the iPhone &  put the Apple watch in airplane mode.
  5. Turn off both iPhone and apple watch. Then turn back on and make sure that bluetooth stays off.
  6. Turn off Airplane mode. Turn on bluetooth and connect iPhone with Apple Watch in good area for GPS signal.

Other fixes:-

  • Switch off/on your Apple Watch.
  • Switching watch faces also fix this issue.
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Solution 4: Try combined solution
iPhone : Go to Settings ->Privacy -> Location services ->Apple Watch Faces, switch allow location access to “never”
iPhone: Go to Settings -> Wifi -> Forget your wifi network and then rejoin the network again.
iPhone: Go to settings -> Bluetooth, turn the bluetooth off.
On Apple Watch, from the apps collection -> Tap on the Weather app. Left the Apple watch on this screen.
Meanwhile…On iPhone, turn the Bluetooth. (When you did this, weather app refreshed and load your current location).
iPhone, navigate to Privacy -> Location services -> Apple Watch faces. Switch allow location access to “while using the app”
Apple Watch, open Watch app which will bring up your watch face. Thats all.

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