5 Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors 42mm Series 3

We spend too much money to buy Apple Watch. Protecting Apple Watch is very important thing after buying it. We can use screen protector to protect the screen of the Apple Watch. Here I am going to tell you the best Apple Watch screen protectors 42mm Series 3.
1. ArmorSuit – Screen Protector ($7.96)screen protector apple watch-42mm

ArmorSuit is the accurate laser cutting MilitaryShield screen protector for Apple Watch. It covers the entire surface including curved corners and edges. Self-healing technology will constantly remove the minor scratches. It is scratch-proof, ultra-tough, military grade, optically clear, and yellow-resistant material. This film protects your watch screen from oil, dust, and fingerprint smudges. It is a small, flexible, bubble-free film. With this screen protector, you will get lifetime replacement warranty.
ArmorSuit is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3, 2, and 1.
2. RinoGear – Screen Protector ($9.95)apple watch screen protector series 3
RinaGear tempered glass is the trustworthy active screen protector for Apple Watch 42mm. It is ultra clear and bubble-free screen protector. You will get 100% money back guarantee with this tempered glass. It comes with scratch resistant coat, crystal clear gloss treatment, UV clear coat, PET protection layer, and advanced polymer adhesive. It is flexible and puncture proof. You can install it by “wet application”. So that you can re-position the film as many times on the screen.
ArmorSuit is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3, 2, and 1.
3. Monoy – Screen Protector case ($9.99) -Currently Unavaliablescreen protector-series 3
Monoy is the case type screen protector. It covers all sides and corners of the watch including buttons. It will perfectly fit on your Apple Watch. So it won’t lose easily. Protects the screen from scratches, minor dents, scuffs, fingerprints, and cracks. It is flexible, durable, and high-sensitive on touch screen. It is perfectly designed for your Apple Watch shape. This screen protector is the best one for the people who want to protect their apple watch entirely.
Monoy is compatible with Apple watch Series 3 and 2.
4. Amazingforless – Screen Protector ($6.49)- Currently unavialbetempered glass-series 3
Amazingforless is an anti-scratch screen protector for Apple Watch. It covers only the flat portion of the screen. It won’t cover the entire surface. Ultra clear tempered glass offers you a natural viewing experience. It comes with 0.3mm thickness. Oleo-phobic coating prevents the screen from fingerprints and other contaminants. So you can clean the film very easily. It comes with 2 tempered glass screen protectors, 6 dust removal stickers, and 2 dry/wet wipes.
ArmorSuit is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3, 2, and 1.
5. AsianiCandy – Screen Protector ($9.99) – Not Avaliable42mm-screen protector
AsianiCandy screen protector is the accurate laser cut tempered glass for Apple Watch. It protects your Apple Watch against bumps, scratches, drops, water, and tear. Hydrophobic & oleophobic coating helps to block out bubbles, dust, fingerprints, and oil. It is made with polished rounded edges. 3D heat bending technology makes the tempered glass completely fit on the surface. So it covers the entire surface.
AsianiCandy is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3, 2, and 1.

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