Apple Watch Not Getting Notifications? Here's the fix

Apple watch is quite easy to check your emails or other notifications. When your Apple watch is paired with your iPhone, you can easily check those notifications even when your iPhone is in sleep mode or locked. Accidentally you may not receive any notifications, on your Apple watch? In this piece, we showed you how to fix the problem.
These days you can say a computer that fits in your pocket is iPhone. The same way iPhone discovers a computer for your wrist. It’s nothing but an Apple watch. It has many features like notifications, health and fitness, Apple pay, and communication.
Solutions for Apple Watch not getting notifications
Turn on Notifications

  1. Go to settings on your iPhone.
  2. There you can see Notifications and scroll down to tap on Messages.
  3. Turned on everything options like Allow Notifications, Badge App Icon, Show on Lock Screen, so that you won’t miss anything at all.

On your iPhone,

  1. Open the Apple Watch app
  2. Go to Notification and tap on messages
  3. Instead of Mirror my iPhone select Custom option and turn on all the options like Show Alerts, Sound, Haptic

Once you did all those things you will never miss a notification on your Apple Watch. On time basis, all notifications will be transferred to the Watch.
These are the reasons why it’s not getting notifications

  • Check it whether you have paired with your iPhone why because then only you will get notifications. Otherwise, it won’t forward any information. Even though it is not sending any notifications means software update may turn your Apple Watch off or you may the recent iPhone restore. So you need to re-paired again.
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. If it is not so Apple Watch may miss many notifications from other apps. Some other apps may grasp wi-fi for notifications like Messages app. Bluetooth is turned off so that rest of the notifications are synced.
  • If your Apple Watch is not in the range of Wi-Fi network so that your iPhone is not found anywhere. This may be a reason why you are not getting notifications.
  • If you are in poor network area or your iPhone has no internet so that Apple Watch may not get any notifications.
  • Whenever you remove Apple Watch from your wrist or you restart it. It will auto-lock. In the name of privacy, it will protect notifications and never tap on your wrist or never shown any notifications on the screen. If the Watch is locked, it will recognize that you are not using. It’s also another reason for not showing notifications.
  • If you enable the option Do Not Disturb, it won’t show any notification on the Apple Watch.
  • There is an individual setting for notifications in the Apple Watch. There is an option to enable certain apps to not to show notifications.
  • From certain apps, you are not getting any notifications? Because the app may not install between the iPhone and the Apple Watch. So reinstall the app through Apple Watch on your iPhone.
  • If you didn’t update your version, then you won’t get any notifications.

We hope that above solutions will help you to fix this problem. If it so, inform us via comments.

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