Fixed: Apple Watch Not Connecting to iPhone

Most of the issues occur on the Apple watch is because of the bizarre behavior of the iPhone. I had the same problem before, suddenly my iPhone and Apple watch disconnected even they are close. Here are some of the steps to eradicate your issues.

Reasons for this issue:-

  • Connection fails due to some problem with Bluetooth device or Network settings.
  • Low power in Watch may fail to connect.

Fix 1: Check the iPhone settings.

  1. Clarify that Airplane mode is turned off.
  2. On your iPhone, select Settings – > Bluetooth.bluetooth on
  3. Switch Bluetooth from ON to OFF and wait for few seconds and again change the settings.
  4. Re-pair the connection.
  5. Reset the Network settings via Settings – > General – >Reset – > Reset Network Settings.

Fix 2: Audit your watch connection

  1. Check the connection between iPhone and your Apple watch.
  2. Make sure that your iPhone and Watch is in the same range.
  3. Disconnect and pair the connection of both the devices.

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Fix 3: Save Apple Watch battery life

  1. Put your Apple watch in Power Saving Mode.
  2. Go to Apple watch app on your iPhone and delete the unwanted notifications.
  3. Decrease the brightness on your Apple watch.
  4. On your iPhone, turn off the heart rating sensor.

This will save your battery and keep your connection for long.
Other fixes:-

  • Restart can help the devices to connect.
  • Pairing with different iPhone also solve this problem.
  • Update Apple watch app on your phone to fix this issue.
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