8 Best Apple Watch Charging Stands

Always we need extra comfort to maintain our Smart Phones. In that case we need some cool charging equipment to maintain our Apple mobile. They are not only used for charging but also used to give good look as stand too. In this post I have listed the top branded Apple watch charging stands that will give you more comfort.
1.Apple’s Griffin Watch Stand ($29.99)
griffin Apple Watch Dock
Griffin Apple-Watch Stand is compatible for both Apple watch and Mac iPhones. Splendid Watch charging station, made in plastic material. Stunning black coated appearance providing horizontal and vertical adjustments. Its Compact size and light-weight gives smart look and it is very easy to carry.
2. GoBandStand for Apple Watch ($59.95)
Gobandstand Watch Stand
Very safe GoBandStand providing full day backup. Designed with both charging dock as well as stand. Just drop your watch on the dock and pick it up to wear. Best charging stand aids you to charge all the devices with interchangeable – platform.
3. Etsy wooden Duo ($37.50)
esyt Apple watch Dock Stand
Remarkable cheapest and handmade Etsy duo provides complete care to all the devices, keys, pens, wallets you use. This all-in-one station is designed fully in wooden material with magnetic base-band guarantees full night charging.
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4. Apple’s HiRise Stand ($50)
HiRise apple Watch Stand
Apple’s HiRise Modern, elegant leather pad with magnetic wide-band uniquely designed for safe charging your Apple smart watches and iPhones. Now available in both dark as well as light coating stands.
5. DODO case Watch Dock ($69.95) (Currently Not Available)

Dodo Case apple watch stand
DODO case is a wooden Stand with Charging Dock. This is a California-based product. Specially designed solid-steel base helps to charge the watch at high rate.  Portable, safe and fast charging lets you to keep your smart-watch in full charge anywhere, anytime.
6. Thinkbym charge Station
Thinkbyn apple watch Charging Dock
Breathtaking duo-charging stand (single-dock) enables you to charge your Apple watch and iPhones in an integrated zone. It is constructed using a aerospace-aluminium material.
7. Kickstarter Charging-Stand
kickstarter Watch Charging Stand
Compatible Kickstarter station is designed in a safe metallic, light-weighted material with clean and curved lines. One-Dock stand provides you quick charging for all type of apple watch and iPhones (iPhone-plus, iPhone 6, iPad-air).
8. Hellonomad Charging Stand ($59.95)
HelloBand apple watch charging stand
Royal looking and Stylish luxury stand, coated with aluminium. Easy installation with magsafe charging cable. Impressive silver and grey colors also available in your favorite Hellonomad brand. Compatible for all type of Apple watch series .

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