Apple TV won't recognize My Apple ID (Fixed)

Apple TV is a device. It is not a service. Your TV gets various things over WiFi, for that you need internet service. You can also get services like Netflix, Hulu or through a modem, or a monthly fee. You have enough features on Apple TV like video streaming, casting and mirroring, Siri, HomeKit, etc… Oppos! It’s such a hectic problem when your Apple TV won’t recognize Apple ID whenever you open it. In this, we discussed how to fix it.
Internet  is not properly connected  it won’t recognized  
Confirm that your modem is connected to the internet router, and check whether the devices are powered on. If the TV is too away from the router it won’t get any signal. To get rid of signal issues, don’t keep your Apple TV at a bottom of your Wi-Fi router.
Go to settings and tap on a network, if you have Apple TV(4th generation) or 4K. Or if you have 2nd or 3rd generation, go to Settings then General then Network. And select adaptable Wi-Fi network. And enter your wi-fi password.
Still, you need help, restart your devices that is a router, modem, Apple TV. if you are using 4th generation or 4k go to Setting then System then select Restart. On 2nd and 3rd go to Setting then General then Restart. First, unplug all the devices and then again plug them back.
Using ethernet cable connect your Apple TV to your DSL modem or router. And connect the internet and check for software updates. If you are using Apple 4k or 4th generation go to Settings then System then Software Updates or if you are using 2nd or 3rd generation go to Setting then General then Software Updates. Then remove ethernet cable and connect your Wi-Fi network.
Yet it’s not connecting? Make Sure that whether you getting wi-fi connection properly if it not so gets a help from an Internet provider.
If your Apple TV won’t recognize iTunes password,
Solution 1: Check firmware update  

  1. With latest requirements change your password for more than once e.g. with numbers and capital letters.
  2. Make sure that your Apple TV had its latest version
  3. Update your system software and install Lion on all networked Macs.
  4. With the current firmware, update your Apple Wireless Router.

Solution 2: update iTunes & iCloud password

  1. On iCloud change your username from old to a new email address because of iCal sync issues on MacBook. After the changes had done yet it does not recognize your name or password no problem here are the steps to fix
  2. Go to settings and update iTunes and iCloud passwords and on iTunes update iTunes password on MacBook and Restart your Apple TV.

Solution 3: Use Wi-Fi Hotspot
On your iPhone use wifi hotspot and it works when you logged into it on the Apple TV.
Solution 4: Change iTunes location

  1. Go to settings then iTunes Store and Location
  2. Change the location from your location to something else for e.g. UK to the US.

Solution 5: Disable Two-Factor Authentication

  1. This will fix for Apple TV generation 2
  2. On your computer open any browser and go to
  3. You want to disable two-factor authentication, for that login to Apple ID. You gain access to the account, so you need to use two-factor authentication.
  4. Go to Security of account setting and select Edit
  5. Close two-factor authentication.

iTunes is not accepted go to iCloud password
If your iTunes password is not working do two-step verification process and your iCloud password is accepted.
Signed in with two-factor code

  1. On your Apple TV browse to iTunes Store/Home Sharing and click Sign In.
  2. Sign In with your Apple ID and password
  3. The message will receive states that your ID was not found, and on other Apple devices, you see an alert that is allowed to approve two-factor identification and also request another device is attempting to sign in with your Apple ID.
  4. Again sign in with your Apple ID and password but you don’t click DO NOT and submit it. At the same time, you will get a notification on your iPhone stated that sign in was being attempted and select Allow and also a request you may see on Apple TV that Apple ID was verified. Through remote enter, the code and select submit. So that your iTunes library is ready to use again.
  5. And the final process is on Apple device, click approve and without space enter six-digit code with the password. For e.g. “Password123456”.
  6. And submit sign in and then it is successfully connected.

Port-forwarding issue
On your Apple TV forward ports to the internal IP address as follows, so this may solve problem on home sharing
TCP 123
TCP 3689
UDP 5353
TCP 80
TCP 4343
TCP 53
If you know any other solutions to fix this issue, let us know through your comments.

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