Apple TV won’t Play Apple Music [Solved]

When I was playing songs on my Apple TV, I couldn’t. Many users have complained the issue that they can’t play music app on their Apple TV. somehow, I found some solution to fix this problem. In this article, I am going to tell you how to resolve this Music issue problem. If you have this problem, this article helps you.
Method 1: Force Close the App
If you can’t play Apple Music on your Apple Tv, try to force close the app. It may resolve your problem. To do so, double-click the TV icon. You can get all running app and swipe up on the Music app. Then relaunch the Music App.
Method 2: Restart Apple TV
Using Remote

  • If you use Apple Tv Remote or Siri Remote, press and hold “Menu” button until light flashes on your Apple TV.
  • If you use Apple TV Remote (white or aluminum), press and menu and down button until light flashes.

Using Settings

  • If your Apple TV is 3rd generation or earlier, open “Settings” -> click “General” -> click “Restart”.
  • If your Apple is 4th generation or 4k, open “Settings” -> click “System” -> click “Restart”.restart-appltv

Note: If your Device doesn’t Restart, switch off the power of your Apple TV and wait for few seconds. Then switch on it.
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Method 3: Restore Apple TV
1.Apple TV 4K or Apple Tv 4th Generation

  • Launch “Settings” app on your Apple TV.
  • Select “system” -> Select “Reset”.

2.Apple TV 3rd Generation or Earlier

  • Launch “Settings” app.
  • Click “General” -> click “Reset”.reset-appletv

Method 4: Update Software

  • If you are using Apple TV 4k or 4th Generation, then open “Settings” -> select “System” -> select “Software Updates” -> select “Update Software”.
  • If updates available, choose “Download and Install”.
  • If you use Apple 3rd Generation or earlier, open “Settings” -> click “General” -> click “Update Software”.

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Method 5: Sign Out iCloud and iTunes & AppStore

  • On your Apple TV, launch “Settings” -> click “Accounts” -> select “iTunes & App Store”. Then sign out it.
  • Again go to “Settings” -> click “Accounts” -> select “iCloud”. Sign out the iCloud.


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